4 steps how to shrink wrap something like shoes or soap

Isn’t there a lot of things to shrink in life? Do you know how to shrink wrap something like shoes or soap?

When you choose heat shrink wrap machine, there are 4 steps to shrink wrap something like shoes or soap.

#1:Measure the length, width and height of the shoes or soap and choose the right size of shrink film.

#2:Place the shoes or soap at the film sealing and cutting machine to cut it.

#3:With the conveyor belt to transport the packed stuff into the heat shrink oven.

#4:Take out the shrunken items from the back end of the shrink oven.

Check out the following video on how to shrink wrap something

Video For How To Shrink Wrap Shoes

Video For How To Shrink Wrap Soap

How to shrink wrap something correctly?

1 Select the material for shrink packaging. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a commonly used packaging material, which has a long-lasting preservation effect, but it will become fragile over time. Polyolefin is a highly durable film material, but it is more expensive than PVC. the thickness of PVC and polyolefin is also different, with PVC being 75 and 100 and polyolefin being 60. the higher the number, the thicker the film. More article, please read: Comparison of physical properties of POF and PE and PVC shrink film

2 Choose the tool to use. The tool you need depends on the size of the items wrapped in the film and the thickness of the film. If you are wrapping small items at home, you can use household tools like scissors and a hair dryer. Wrapping large items should be done with a special machine. Shrink-wrapping machines, usually consisting of an automatically heated tunnel and an industrial sealer.

3 Wrap the item. If possible, it is best to use a piece of wrapping paper. Make sure that the film you cut is larger than the item.

4 Trim off excess film. Trim excess film. The film should wrap tightly around the item and remove air from the package to eliminate space.

5 Cover the item. Stretch the film to seal the item and squeeze out the air and space inside.

6 Use a heat source to shrink the film and completely seal the item. Heat the surface of the item evenly with a heat source until it shrinks completely. If the heating is not uniform, then the shrinkage will not be uniform.

What are the main performance indicators of shrink film?

1, shrinkage rate and shrinkage ratio: first measure the length of the film longitudinally and horizontally, then immerse the film in 120±2℃ (constant temperature medium, such as glycerin) for 1-2 seconds, remove it and cool it with cold water, measure the length L2 longitudinally and horizontally, and calculate according to the following formula.

Shrinkage rate (S) = (L1-L2)/L1*100% (L1 is the length or width of the film before shrinkage, L2 is the length or width of the film after shrinkage)

Current shrink film for packaging, generally requires equal shrinkage in the longitudinal and transverse directions, about 50% (actually 20%-40%); but in special cases there is also a one-way shrinkage rate of 25%-50% (uniaxial stretch); there are also partial extension films with unequal shrinkage in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Shrinkage ratio (R) = S1/S2, where: S1 is the longitudinal and transverse (either way) shrinkage rate is larger (%), S2 is the longitudinal and transverse shrinkage rate is smaller (%).

2. Shrinkage tension: film shrinkage applied to the packaging tension (proportional to the film longitudinal and transverse tensile strength) expressed in terms of tensile strength, such as heat-shrinkable PE film, tensile strength (longitudinal and transverse) MPa, thickness < 0.06mm for < 12MPa. thickness > 0.06mm for > 12MPa.

3. Shrinkage temperature:Definition: for packaging operations will come, the packaging parts in the heat shrinkage channel heating, film shrinkage to produce a predetermined tension (a certain shrinkage rate) reached by the temperature. The temperature is related to the film thickness, the crystallinity of the plastic, or intermolecular forces.

4. Heat sealability:Before heating shrinkage, must be two-sided or three-sided heat sealing together, and require a good strength of the sealing seam.

Components of heat shrink packaging machine:

Heat shrink packaging machine is actually composed of two parts, which are sealing and cutting machine and shrink machine.

The main work of the sealing and cutting machine is automatic film feeding, automatic bagging, automatic heat sealing and cutting, and automatic waste film rewinding.

The shrink packaging machinery is responsible for hot air shrinkage, heated by stainless steel heating tube and large wind motor air supply, forming a hot air circulation in the shrink machine, through heat shrinkage to make the heat shrink film tightly wrapped in the product outside. Enhance the product grade, protect the product from moisture, to avoid wear and tear during the movement, to help display the product.

Heat shrink packaging machine in the use of a variety of environmental challenges, such as chemical corrosion class, high temperature intolerance class, grease, fragile and deformable products in various cases of shrink packaging.

From the heat shrink machine material can be selected from the full stainless steel body, imported brand temperature controller to accurately control the shrinkage temperature, servo-click frequency control, conveyor belt selection of durable and wear-resistant, etc. can effectively solve the above problems.

Heat shrink film wrapping machine is a very perfect model, both to meet the requirements of high efficiency and fast speed, but also time high size large size of the ideal packaging effect. Full servo drive, PLC control, data can be stored and other dazzling advantages.

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