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6 types of wrapping machines you should know

1. According to the different ways of stretching the shrink film by the wrapping packaging machine, the wrapping system can be divided into two types: “pre-stretching” and “resisting stretching”:

1.1. Pre-stretching wrapping machine: refers to the pre-stretching film frame mechanism, which stretches the wrapping film according to the preset stretch ratio; and wraps it onto the pallet cargo. Its advantages are uniform film spreading, beautiful packaging, strong adaptability (ultra-light and ultra-high cargo can be used), and it can save 30-50% of consumables compared with the stretch resistance; type under the same conditions.

1.2. Anti-stretch wrapping machine: By adjusting the friction damping of the anti-stretch mechanism, the passive drag speed of the packaging film is slower than the rotation speed of the pallet cargo, and then the packaging film is stretched while wrapping it on top of the cargo.
Requirement for packaging film is not high, but if the product is very light or very high, the appearance of the package may not be very stable, and the use of packaging film is high.

2. According to the application field of wrapping packaging machine and the way of packaging goods, robot wrapper sealing machine can be divided into six series and various extension types:


2.1. Pallet wrapping machine: refers to the machine that drives the pallet material to rotate through the rotation of the rotating table to complete the packaging of the material. Materials used for pallet transportation of packaging (such as container transportation of bulk materials and pallet packaging of bulk materials, etc.), widely used in glass crafts, hardware and electrical machinery, electronic materials, paper, ceramics, fine chemicals, food, juice, woods, etc. industry. It can improve logistics efficiency and reduce consumption in the transportation process. It has the advantages of dust resistance, corrosion resistance, and low packaging cost.

2.2. Rotary arm stretch wrapper: refers to the equipment that can rotate around the goods through a rotatable cantilever to realize the wrapping of the products. All goods that can be packaged by the pallet wrapping packaging machine can be wrapped by the rocker type wrapping packaging machine equipment. In addition, The packaging process is more appropriate for lighter, taller, and unstable products or overweight goods after stacking Wrapped. The machine installation method is flexible, it can be installed on the wall or fixed with a bracket, and can be connected to the conveyor line as required to meet the needs of the assembly-line operation.

2.3. Rotating ring wrapping packing machine: refers to a machine that wraps the ring parts of spiral goods together by a film feeding (conveyor belt feeding) machine that runs around a circular orbit. It is used in the fields of desktop, bearing, barrel, furniture, wire and cable. It can improve packing efficiency, and has the advantages of dustproof, waterproof and lower packaging cost.

2.4. Cylindrical axial wrapping packaging machine: refers to the rotation of the turntable to drive the cylindrical goods to rotate as a whole, while the two power rollers on the turntable drive the cylindrical goods to rotate, thereby realizing the fully enclosed wrapping of the goods package of equipment. It is suitable for the sealed packaging of various cylindrical goods and is used in papermaking, cord fabric, non-woven fabric and other industries. It can improve logistics efficiency, reduce loss during shipment, and has good dust and moisture isolation.

2.5. Horizontal flow wrapper: refers to the rotating arm system around the horizontal and uniform speed of the goods, while the stretching mechanism adjusts the tension of the packaging material to pack the object into a fastened whole and form it on the surface of the object spiral wrapping machine.Used in industries such as alloys, plastics , plates, pipes, and dyed fabrics. It can improve packaging efficiency, reduce loss during shipment, and has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging costs.

2.6. Wrapping packing machine without tray: refers to special equipment that drives items to rotate through the rotation of the turntable and realizes the packaging of items. Mainly used for the packaging of single or multiple small and medium-sized commodities of different specifications. Suitable for shoes and hats, home appliances, textiles and other fields. It can improve packing efficiency, reduce losses during transportation, and has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof and reduced paper packaging costs.

3.In terms of the size of wrapping products, there are small wrapping machines and big wrapping machine

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