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    Analysis of the current situation of China’s heat shrink packaging machine industry

    Whether China’s packing machine can open the US market has a great relationship with China’s R&D capability environment, product quality and corporate innovation capabilities. It is understood that the current “polarization” phenomenon of pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States is obvious. Small and exquisite electronic products represented by testing and coding devices are prosperous in the United States; general-purpose packaging machines based on heat shrink packaging machines, wrapping machines and sealing machines also occupy a considerable proportion; The large packaging machinery production line mainly consisting of machine, labeling machine and capping machine is basically not produced in the United States. The market is almost entirely occupied by imported equipment, especially those produced by German and Italian manufacturers.

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    The heat shrink packaging machine industry is an important industry that provides technical equipment for the food industry and plays a pivotal role in the development of the food industry. The technical level of the heat shrink packaging machine is an important indicator for measuring the technical equipment capabilities of the food industry. Without a modern heat shrink packaging machine, there is no modern food industry. In order to achieve greater development, China’s heat shrink packaging machine manufacturing industry should take the road of reform. The following is the analysis of the current situation of China’s heat shrink packaging machine industry in 2016:

    Heat shrink packaging machine

    First of all, many state-owned enterprises undertake social responsibility to solve local employment. This will lead to difficulties in personnel redundancy and management, which may cause people to be overstaffed. Although many state-owned enterprises have basically formed a pattern of pay-for-work, but do the rewards. It is still very difficult to punish lazy, reward and punish, and thus create a pool of stagnant water and no vitality.

    Secondly, automatic packing machine has weak innovation ability and lacks domestic brands. Innovation and adjustment are a long-term process. They are not effective in the short term. At present, many domestically produced equipment and R&D technologies are monopolized by foreign countries, and it takes a lot of money to introduce foreign technology or equipment.

    Third, due to the heat shrink packaging machine equipment manufacturing industry, especially the major equipment, basically the state-owned enterprises are responsible, private capital has insufficient penetration of the equipment industry, the ownership structure is single, the mechanism is rigid, and the operation efficiency is low, which also hinders the road of industrial reform. .

    As a pillar and strategic industry for economic and social development, China’s heat shrink packaging machine manufacturing industry has always been an important embodiment of a country’s comprehensive national strength and technology. On the road of reform, industrial restructuring is imperative. Enterprises should carry out self-innovation, management innovation, talent system innovation, and corporate culture innovation. The state should also appropriately open the threshold for major heat shrink packaging machine manufacturing and promote the industry. Smooth transformation and upgrading.

    From the perspective of innovative design, China’s pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industry has long lacked the ability to innovate in line with technological development and market demand. Research methods and facilities are backward, and technical resources are seriously dispersed. Therefore, it is a necessary prerequisite to improve the hardware and software strength of domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

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