Multiweigh Multihead Combination Weigher Packing Machine Price

The multiweigh multihead weigher machine is one vertical form fill seal and packaging machine.The combination weigher is used for snack, bean, wolfberry, chips, frozen seafood like shrimp, fish, smoked salmon,poultry products like chicken breast, chicken legs, goat cheese,mozzarella cheese,mushroom,chestnut, sarcocarp,groundnuts, dark plum, pulpa,nutlet, soya bean, pine nut, hyacinth bean, almond, cashew,walnut, chin chin beef jerky and so on.Price is between:4800USD-28900USD

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multiweigh multihead combination weigher packing machine

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set
Product Name multihead weigher packing machine
Size of Bag Length:50-60mm Width:50-70mm
Maximum Packaging Speed(bag/min) 15-40
Power(kw) 3.35
Voltage(v) 220
Dimension(mm) 4223*2798*3500
Weight(kg) 1200

Type of multiweigh multihead weigher:

1.6 head multihead weigher

2.10 head multihead weigher

3.12 head multihead weigher

Application for multi head weighing machine:

Regular or irregular materials are measured by weighing and packed into bags.
Applicable products such as: puffed food, snack food, quick-frozen food, potato chips, french fries, banana chips, popcorn, rice crackers, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, granulated sugar, iodized salt, seeds, feed, washing powder, roasted seeds, nuts, melon seeds, eight-treasure tea, whole grains, Chinese herbal pieces, preserved fruits, prunes, plum cakes, buttons, hardware screws, instant noodle seasonings, seasoning packages, food additives, solid beverages, electronic weighing automatic packaging, multi-head scale packaging, combined weighing packaging, linear weighing packaging, vibrating disk packaging, large back sealed bag electronic weighing automatic packaging, etc.

sample of packaging

Features for multihead weigher packing machine:

1. The basic devices of this multihead weigher packing machine are touch screen, horizontal pouch feeder, date printer, bag opener, sealer and so on.
2. This machine adopts pneumatic mode sealing technology, the bag flatness is better.
3. It is suitable for gum drop, meatball, screw and so on quantitative packaging.
4. The weight is calculated with high precision, and the best combination is calculated by electronic numerical control.
5. The main material is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which meets the relevant national food safety certification.
6. Adopt preset programming parameters, the width of the bag can be easily converted under the touch panel.
7. You can view the weight of each bucket on the screen, and you can print out the unloading weight, error weight and total number of bags.
8. The hopper can be opened one by one to effectively avoid large pieces of products blocking the feed tube, and the bucket opening time can be set manually so that the products will not get stuck in the bucket.
9.Automatic sorting device, products are classified according to defined weight range into 3 lines.

all kinds of weighting materials

FAQ for multihead weigher packing machine:

1. What language is in your control panel?
There are 12 languages for customers to choose.
2. Do you have other optional devices?
A total of 12 languages are available for customers to choose.
3.How do you ensure your service?
We design the machine first, then manufacturing and assembly, programming, commissioning operation,quality inspection and acceptance,last we pack and ship it.
4.Can the price of the multihead weigher packing machine be cheaper?
We are a factory, and the price we give to our customers is factory price, which is very favorable.

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