Pouch-Sachet-Stick Powder Packing Machine

We are the most famous manufacturer in the field of powder packaging in China. This powder packing machine is popularly used in pepper powder, detergent powder, salt powder,chemical seasoning,  turmeric powder, spice powder, milk powder, and other food packing like tea powder, coffee powder, flour powder, chilli powder, curry powder, glutinous rice powder, breaded, dry chemical powder, starch powder, soy flour and so on.

powder sachet packing machine

Automatic Powder pouch packing machine

  • Model:DXDF-100HR- III
  • Packing speed:20-55 bags/min
  • Feeding type:Screw/ translation swing arm type/ rotary volume metering
  • Filling range:1-40ml
  • Bag size: W: 20- 50 mm L: 50- 160 mm
  • Power:220V 50Hz 5KW
  • Overall Size:1260*960*2130 mm
  • Coding method:steel seal hot pressing/ thermal transfer / ribbon coding / laser beam printing
  • Pet/ aluminium/PE, BOPP/ aluminized/CPP 0.07 – -0.08 mm
  • Outer diameter < 300 mm; inner diameter<75 mm

Automatic Multi-lines Powder Stick Packing Machine

  • Maximum: 900 mm
  • Vertical line number: 4-15 lines
  • Packing speed: (20-45)/bags/min
  • Bag length range: 80-180 mm
  • Bag width range: 20-50 mm
  • Filling range:1-50ml
muilti powder packing
muilti powder packing

Semi Automatic powder filling machine

  • Maximum: 900 mm
  • Vertical line number: 4-15 lines
  • Packing speed: (20-45)/bags/min
  • Bag length range: 80-180 mm
  • Bag width range: 20-50 mm
  • Filling range:1-50ml

FL Type vertical powder packaging machine

  • Seaing way: back sealing
  • Packing speed: (5-50)/bags/min
  • Bag length range: 100-450 mm
  • Application:spices, milk powder, starch,sodium carbonate, cement powder and so on
  • Filling range:500 kg-600 kg

Check out the following video on how our powder packaging equipment is used

Video for powder pouch filling machine

Video for powder sachet packaging machine

Video for powder bag packing machine

Information about powder packaging machinery

1. Sealing type:

  • Three-Side sealing;
  • Four-Side Sealing;
  • Back Sealing (pillow sealing)

2. Filling weight of powder packaging equipment:

  • 5 g powder stick-sachet VFFS machine
  • 10 g powder sachet-stick VFFS machine
  • 20 g-50 g powder sachet-stick VFFS machine
  • 50 g-100g powder sachet-stick VFFS machine
  • 100 g-500 g powder pouch VFFS machine
  • 1 KG 2 KG 5 KG powder bag VFFS machine

3. Below pictures are  powder Pouch-Sachet-Stick-Bag Packaging design

4. Processing:
Automatic bag making, accurate measurement, filling, venting, sealing, slitting, counting, Mark positioning, can add the printer and the feeder also.

5. Features:
1. This product uses a microcomputer controller and touch screen technology. The man-machine interface has a large LCD screen, high intelligence and automation.
2. High precision in bag making, step-less adjustment of bag length in full range, cursor position and bag length can be switched at will, easy to operate.
3. Using thermocouple sampling, digital conversion, temperature compensation technology. The temperature is accurate and stable to ensure the quality of the seal.
4. Pneumatic module sealing technology is used to make the bag smooth and beautiful.
5. A new adjustable exhaust device is adopted, which greatly improves the exhaust effect.
6. Unit structure, complete specifications, easy replacement.
7. The measuring screw is controlled by a stepper motor, with high measuring accuracy.
8. Vertical screw feeding device, directly into the packaging bag, or using inclined screw and vibration device,
The problems of dust counterattack and sealing and clamping are solved.
9. The latest hopper lifting device is adopted to facilitate cleaning, adjustment and replacement of parts.
Increase work productivity.
10. The machine has sealing cooling function.
11. The material in contact with the material is 304 stainless steel.

6. Application:
Suits to pack spice, milk powder, chilli powder, herb powder, detergent powder, flour, coffee powder, medicine powder, cosmetic powder, chemical powder, ginger powder, tapioca powder, turmeric powder, starch etc.

What you can benefit from the powder pouch machine?

1. The powder packaging machine requires to be limited operator intervention. The operator only needs to replace the feeder and paper bag device and operate the touch screen to complete the work.

2. Some powder packaging operations cannot be accomplished without packaging equipment. For example many packages include heat seals to prepare or seal a package. Heat sealers are needed, even in slow labor-intensive operations. References:Packaging machinery. Wikipedia  Retrieved :17 September 2020

3. To satisfy young consumers’ desire to “early taste”, they are more willing to buy small batches of products than buying large bags at once.

4. Meet the requirements of portability.

What determines powder packaging machine price?

  • Customer needs and preferences and budget
  • Product accessories
  • Packaging material
  • The quantity of the product in each pack
  • Sealing method
  • Production speed
  • Powder size
  • Weight per pack

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