Full Automatic Vertical Granule Packing Machine

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set
  • Model:DXD.K

Check out this video on how our Granule pouch packing Machine is used

Sealing: Three-Side Sealing; Four-Side Sealing; Back Sealing

Dosage Range (ml)5-4030-1008-14280-767
Size Of  BagLength:40-120Length:70-150Length:50-130Length:80-200
Maximum speed(bag/min)1001006060
Weight Of Machine(kg)350400300350

Vertical Granule Pouch Packing Machine

Material properties: loose, non-sticky, regular granular items.

Applicable products such as: MSG, MSG, chicken essence, granulated sugar, food iodized salt, flavored vegetables, dried onions, granules, water pills, Banlangen granules, pharmaceutical granules, oatmeal, oatmeal, coffee, tea, buckwheat tea, black buckwheat Tea, buckwheat tea, desiccant, silicone desiccant, deoxidizer, seeds, fish food, feed, washing powder, roasted seeds, nuts, melon seeds, instant noodle seasoning, instant noodle seasoning, seasoning, seasoning bag, seasoning bag, food additives, Additives, solid drinks, etc.

1. This product uses a microcomputer controller, a large LCD screen display of the man-machine interface, a new type of microcomputer touch screen technology, high intelligence and automation.
2. The bag-making precision is high, the bag length can be adjusted steplessly, and the operation is convenient.
3. Adopt thermocouple sampling, digital conversion, temperature compensation technology. The temperature is accurate and stable to ensure the sealing quality.
4. Pneumatic module sealing technology is adopted to make the bag flat and beautiful.
5. A new adjustable exhaust device is adopted, which greatly improves the exhaust effect.
6. Unit structure, complete specifications and easy replacement.
7. Measuring cup type measurement to ensure measurement accuracy.
8. Within the range of measuring cup specifications, it can be adjusted steplessly.
9. According to the user’s needs, the front-out vertical blanking can be adopted to avoid the influence of the adhesion of the material and the former on the accuracy of measurement.