Automatic strapping machine and manual strapping machine which one to choose?

After purchasing the strapping machine, consumers heard the manufacturer say that the automatic strapping machine and the semi-automatic strapping machine. So what is the difference between the automatic strapping machine and the semi-automatic strapping machine?
Automatic strapping machine is also called automatic wrapping machine, semi automatic strapping machine also called handheld strapping machine.

Type of strapping machine:
1. Classified by product:
strapack strapping machine,
box strapping machine,
steel strapping machine,
pet strapping machine,
polypropylene strapping machine
pallet strapping machine
2. Classified by operating system:
pneumatic strapping machine
electric strapping machine

automatic strapping machine

Automatic strapping machine VS manual strapping machine

1. The shape of the strapping machine is different: the semi-automatic baler is divided into a low-profile semi-automatic baler and a high-profile semi-automatic baler, while the fully automatic baler has a vertical automatic baler and a side automatic baler.

2. The price of the strapping machine is different: the price of the fully automatic baler will definitely be more expensive than the semi-automatic one, at least twice the price.

3. The strapping method of the strapping machine is different: when using the semi-automatic strapping machine, the strapping is continuous and reliable, the plastic strap is close to the surface of the package, the joint is firm, the electrical safety of the machine, the noise and smoke at work, etc. do not affect the health of the operator; instead, the automatic strapping machine is used. When there is no need to insert the belt manually, touch

The sending method is divided into a little action, manual, continuous hitting, ball switch, foot switch, just press the switch to automatically complete the packing, which is convenient and quick.

4.The applicable packing quantity is different: the semi-automatic packing machine is not suitable for mass production because each product needs to be operated manually. If the output is not very large, you can choose to use it; while the automatic packing machine is automatic due to a series of actions Complete, suitable for single machine mass production.

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