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Advantage of automatic strapping machine

This automatic strapping machine only needs to move the package to the work surface when working, and then it can touch the automatic switch on the table surface to automatically pack.

The number of packs can be selected according to the packaging requirements, and the speed can be set for 1-5 packs. : 2.0 seconds/channel, it can also be designed into various models such as power type or side type according to the user’s production line to meet the requirements of different users.

The electrical components of international famous brands are selected, and the quality of the whole machine is stable and reliable.

The automatic strapping is widely used and can basically be fully automated. It can also be used in combination with automatic carton sealer and carton erector. It basically realizes intelligent matching packaging. A good automatic packaging line can almost meet the integration packaging requirements for boxes packing and strapping.

Tianjin shuntian automatic packaging equipment is widely used in household appliances, light industry, food, department stores, medicine, printing, post and telecommunications, chemicals, textiles and other industries, as well as the packaging of conventional objects. It can be operated as a stand-alone machine or used with an assembly line.

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