If you need to customize other specifications, material, thickness, bag type, pattern need to provide the following information.

1. What is the material of the bag you want to customize? How many layers of material are required? General composite bags are usually two layers, three layers, four layers of commonly used materials composite, which is usually said to be two, three, four. Commonly used printing materials are matte film, PET, OPP, nylon film PA. commonly used composite materials are aluminized pet, blank pet, aluminum foil AL, PE, CPP.

2. how much the thickness of the bag need silk? 100 silk is equal to 1 mm. Composite bags commonly used single-layer thickness is about 7-15 silk. Here the single layer does not refer to a single layer of material but the thickness of the single layer of the finished bag, there may be two layers, three layers, four layers of composite.

3. What is the bag type of custom bags? Commonly used bag types are three-side-seal bags, medium-seal bags, four-side-seal bags, self-seal flat bottom bags, self-seal stand-up pouches, eight-side-seal bags, shaped bags.

4. What is the outer size of custom bags? You need to provide the standard outer size of the bag instead of the capacity, because you only say the capacity we can not estimate the standard size to pack your products.

5. How many do I need? Usually we recommend screen printing for small quantities and machine printing for large quantities. But the premise of screen printing is that the bag must be we have in stock bags, because screen printing is the text pattern printed on the stock bags. And screen printing can only print simple patterns, logos, text messages, etc. 6.

6. the printing pattern should provide the source file (ai, cdr, psd format file), or a clear jpg image, to ensure that the enlarged clear display.

7. Packing requirements. Should the box be customized? How many in a box? Is there a weight limit for a box?


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