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We are china mobile shrink wrap machine factory. We provide about dozens of types of shrink packaging machines, of which L-type and side-type are very suitable for mobile shrink wrap. These shrink wrap machines are relatively easy to operate, you can choose a fully automatic mobile shrink wrap machine or hand machine according to your needs . These products are mainly used in mobile phone manufacturers, assemblers, retail stores or the second-hand mobile phone market.

Check out the following video on how to use mobile shrink wrap machine

Most of our products are sold to Central and South Asia, Europe and other countries. The largest supplier is China, and of course our company occupies a certain share in international trade.

As a shrink wrap machine manufacturer, supplier, factory, we can provide shrink label and product packaging line services. Technology is constantly innovating, and our shrinking machine is also constantly innovating. From customer requirements to raw material procurement, and how to protect nature, we provide customers with complete packaging solutions. You can also let us help you find a suitable packaging solution for mobile, automatic palletizing and packaging solutions.

Our mobile shrink wrap machine is widely used, not only for the product itself, but also for books, facial masks, medicines and other small packaging size products. The machine can be connected to the production line without additional workers.

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