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China shrink packing machine factory, manufacturer, supplier

Tianjin shuntian packaging equipment Co.,Ltd , is a professional China shrink packing machine factory, manufacturer, supplier.
1. The PE heat shrink packaging machine produced by our company is a domestic automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment. It is made of quartz tube/stainless steel tube and
HeSemi-auto-L-Bar-Sealer-Shrink-Tunnel-STF-20LGBSTS-4525at shink. It is durable and energy efficient (saving more than 15%).
2. This machine adopts electronic speed regulating motor, which has a wide speed adjustment range and can carry up to 40 kg.
3. The fully enclosed hot internal air circulation device is adopted in the shrinking furnace, and the shrinkage and packaging effect of the product is good.
4. The appearance of the device is novel and beautiful, easy to operate and maintain, and can be applied to the heat shrink packaging of any shrink film.
Heat shrinkable film packaging machine equipment Scope: This type of PE heat shrinkable film packaging machine is often used in rock wool board, extruded board, foam glass insulation
board, real gold board, silicon polystyrene board, cement foam, glass water, mineral spring Water, Meijiyuan beverage, large bottle of Sprite, Coca-Cola, Jiaduobao herbal tea, cans, Yanjing
beer, yogurt cartons and other products of PE film heat shrink packaging.

Efficient sealing and shrinking:
The sealing height can be adjusted to ensure that the sealing line is in the middle position; selecting the suitable packaging height can reduce the sealing stroke time, thereby increasing
the production speed and reducing the production cost; using two horizontal and vertical photoelectrics, the switching is convenient, thin or small Product, easy to complete packaging;
automatic program control, easy to operate
China shrink packing machine factory
1. only need to press different buttons, platform transport – automatic wrap – automatic sealing – cylinder push – oven heat shrink – then cooled and automatically packaged.
2. No need for anyone to control during the packaging process, simple-quick, eliminating the cumbersome manual bagging and effectively saving the cost of the plate.
3. adjustable film extractor combined with the inductive switch controls the length of the film, making the film thinner and less lossy.
4. The high-power turbine fan is used in the furnace box to make the circulating air volume larger and more sufficient.
5.The large fan cooling system outside the oven makes the packaging form faster and more stable.
6. improved, the furnace box is lengthened, the speed is faster, and the shrinking effect is better.
7. The furnace is heated by a quartz tube, which has good heat dissipation effect, less electricity consumption and longer life.
8.The specially treated sealing knife has accurate temperature control and firm film sealing.

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