Difference between l bar shrink wrap machine and sleeve shrink wrap machine

At present, China has become the second largest country in the packaging industry in the world. China’s packaging industry, as the last production process on China’s manufacturing production line, has also ushered in rapid development in today’s rapid economic development. As an industry that started late, the packaging industry still has a lot of deficiencies compared with foreign countries. However, with the huge market demand for packaging, we can conclude that the packaging industry still has broad room for development. Therefore, in the development of technology, we must achieve independent innovation, get rid of excessive dependence on foreign technology, and achieve real development. As for packaging equipment-those who are familiar with shrinking machines know that both l bar shrink wrap machine and side sealing machines can be used in assembly lines to achieve unmanned operation. But the price of the two is nearly doubled. What is the difference between the L-type automatic sealing and cutting machine and the side sealing machine? Why is the price doubled? We organizes three main differences for you

Sleeve  shrink wrap machine

I bar sealer shrink wrap machine

1.The cutters are different: the cutter of the L shrink wrap machine is L-shaped, and the entire cutter is in motion during the sealing and cutting. The side sealing machine has a horizontal knife in the packaging, and the side knife side is always in the sealing and cutting state. Therefore, the two cutting methods are different from the principle of sealing and cutting.
2.Different structure: L shrink wrap machine is similar in appearance to the side sealing machine. But the structure of the two devices is completely different. In particular, the operating principles of the cutter are very far from each other.
3.Different efficiency: This is also the most fundamental difference between the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine and the side sealing machine. The efficiency of the two is completely different. The L-type automatic sealing and cutting machine has a working efficiency of about 25 bags per minute. The working efficiency of the edge sealing and cutting machine can reach 40 packs or higher.
4.The packaging size is different; the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine is fixed because the sealing knife is limited in the size of the packaging product. However, the side sealing machine is always in the state of sealing and cutting, so there is no limit to the length of the product.

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