Automatic non-woven zipper bag making machine

We are manufacturer of automatic non-woven zipper bag making machine in China. The carry bag is used for shopping, supermarket, loop handle, if you are looking for punching machine supplier, please contact us.

ST-H700 Automatic non-woven zipper bag making machine

Automatic non-woven zipper bag making machine

  • Model NO.: ST-H700
  • Bag type: zipper bag
  • Bag-Making Thickness:30-100 mm
  • The speed of slide mounting: 40-80pcs/min
  • Overall Dimension (L*W*H):8500*1270*1800 mm

About the product:

1. Use high frequency ultrasonic heat sealing principle welding, ultrasonic edge welding, ultrasonic rolling bottom welding and other engineering equipment.
2. Photoelectric tracking automatic edge correction, dual-material magnetic powder brake, automatic shutdown without material, automatic counting alarm.
3. The non-woven zipper bag making machine adopts an advanced computer control system, which can set the bag length and production speed, reduce waste and save costs. Automatic feeding, sealing and cutting, counting and discharging. When the non won fabric bag making machine is abnormal, it will automatically alarm. Touch screen operation interface, operation list.
4. Save labor and time.
5. This non-woven zipper bag making machine is equipped with an automatic zipper head device, which is different from traditional manual production. The production of zipper bags and the work of pulling the head can be completed on the machine at one time. Realize the automation of zipper bag production.

Bag types:

Zipper bag


1. Different specifications, different shapes
2. Computer control
3. Automatic counting, automatic punching
4. Ultrasonic welding
5.CE and ISO9001 certification

Nonwoven Bag Making Manchine TypeST-H700
Production Speed20-80pcs
Bag Width50-1000 mm
Bag Length30-700 mm
Bag-Making Thickness30-100 mm
The speed of slide mounting40-80pcs/min
Power Supply220v/380v
Total Power7.6kw
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)8500*1270*1800 mm

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