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D Cut And W Cut Non-Woven Fabrics Bag Making Machine

We are manufacturer of D cut And vest cut automatic non-woven fabric bag making machine in China. The carry bag is used for shopping, supermarket, loop handle, if you are looking for punching machine supplier, please contact us.

ST-A700 non woven bag making machine

W-cut and D-cut bag non-woven bag making machine

  • Origin:China
  • Model NO.: ST-A700
  • Bag type: W-cut, D-cut
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

This fabric non woven  is advanced in technology, stable in operation performance and fast in bag making. It is one of the most advanced non-woven bag making machines in the world.

The machine is used for raw materials, non-woven fabrics, can process a variety of different specifications, different shapes of non-woven bag, flat bag, vest bag, the electromechanical machine is set as a whole, the use of LCD touch screen operation, step with fixed length, photoelectric tracking, automatic positioning computer, computer automatic correction. Accurate and stable, and can set automatic counting, counting alarm, automatic punching and other industrial equipment, the production of finished sealing strong, beautiful tangent.  High efficiency, high quality is environmental protection equipment bag you can be assured to use.

Process flow:

Roll material — side folding — heat –cross folding — insert — Position — punch — heat — cut — collect the finished product — automatically press into vest bags.

Main Technical Variables:

Material Width550-1250 mm
Production speed20-120 pcs /min
Bag Height200-580 mm
Bag Width100-800 mm
Material basis weight30-120g/m2
Power supply220v
Total Power15kw
Overall size11000X1900X2100mm(LX W X  H)

Machine construction:

1. Feeding part

non woven carry bag making machine

The maximum unwinding diameter of this machine is 1 meters.

Adopt automatic feeding, automatic tension, automatic photoelectric rectification, no stop machine and other industrial control devices.

Ultrasonic folding device: hand wheel, screw rod adjustment, ultrasonic welding.

The maximum diameter of the roll is 1 meters.

Main motor 1.5 KW

2. Fabric cross folding

The cloth is folded in half, the solid triangle steel frame, the non-woven cloth bag folded function, the adjustment is convenient, the whole equipment does not move the situation, also may straighten the material.

3. Vest bag insert part

non woven fabric bag making machine

70 mm one set ultrasonic for side sealing

Disk insert

It is suitable for flat bottom pocket, vest bag inserting edge, step motor to pull that long

4. Machine head collecting bag

  • The color recognition is high and there are basically zero errors.
  • Automatically identify materials. When there is a shortage of materials, the ultrasonic non-woven machine automatically stops running.
  • The edge is very strong and can be provided in different configurations according to different needs.

5. Automatic punching partnon woven bag handle punching machine

Clamping bag, mould stamping into vest ba

6. Distribution box

Touch screen control, easy to learn and easy to maintain

The machine configuration

Feeding device1set
Folding and traction device1set
Vertical folding device1set

Feeding device

unwinding methodMagnetic powder tension control
Clamping deviceInflatable shaft  φ3″(φ76mm)
Unwinding diameterφ1000mm

Control device and unwinding device

Clamping deviceInflatable shaft φ3″(φ76mm)
Correction deviceUse automatic correction system
Automatic stop without materialUsing automatic travel switch stop material ,high precision
Feeding boardStainless steel board(triangle)
Electric control systemNon-woven bag(two drive bag) making system
Ultrasonic system300 mm 2pcs 2500W,(Taiwan Ming you)

70 mm 3pcs 1500W,(Wenzhou Zhengxin)

Temperature control systemTemperature control components  1pcs
Operation methodThe man-machine touch
Pneumatic elementAirTAC (Taiwan)

Commonly used appliances brand

Temperature displayerCHINT temperature meter, show preheat roll surface temperature
Commonly electrical components/switchCHINT
Frequency converterDEVER (Taizhou)
Frequency motorDott (Taiwan)


ScreenWeinview (Taiwan) (LCD touch screen)built-in PLC