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Fully automatic shrink wrapping machine – saving time and effort

SHUNTIAN fully automatic shrink wrapping machine work fully automatic: the operator only need to do is put the product on the feed conveyor belt, because the system itself monitor can control the whole packaging process. Product size change is very easy. According to the requirements, the standard model can be equipped with different choices, especially in feeding or discharging of the conveyor belt and other special applications.


Sealing by timer control

The sealing temperature and the sealing strip are separated, independent electronic control

According to the size of the product, the length of the product can be measured by horizontal and vertical reading with double eyes

Power feed/discharge conveyor belt

Easy to load film and automatic film leveling

Power control wrapping

Through the chain drive film packaging

“Anastomosis” conveyor belt for packaging small size products

Tunnel roller table requirements

Low castor

Polypropylene shrink film packaging (green film – gold film)

The parameters of the fully automatic shrink wrapping machine:

The shrink packing machine adopts direct far-infrared radiation heating all kinds of thin film, product by belt conveyor to shrinkage furnace, the product with shrink packaging film, sealing after enter the shrink wrapping machine, automatic product shrinkage. Heat shrinkable packaging machine power consumption is small, the average power consumption per hour largest and only 2.1 KW, contraction achieve perfect packaging effect, and never affect packaging, electronic continuously variable, controlling temperature solid-state voltage regulator, stable and reliable, and the application in the food, beverage, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily provisions, chemical supplies shrink packaging.

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