Hardware design of packing equipment and machinery

    The packaging machinery visually displays the production information, and has the functions of fault self-alarm, self-stop and self-diagnosis. It is eager to mature to make the development of packaging equipment and machinery more rapid. Not afraid of hard work is also a guarantee for the progress of packaging machines. Introducing advanced technology and mastering advanced technology have always exerted their own strength in the progress of the times. Meeting the market’s individual needs is the market that packaging machines insist on. Meeting the market’s pursuit is also the responsibility of packaging machines, and it is also the responsibility of the packaging industry. Especially in the process of packaging food, we must consider rigor. I believe that in the progress of the times, Packaging opportunities are made stronger and bigger with their own efforts.

    Full Automatic Vertical Granule Packing Machine

    1.Application of photoelectric signal sensor in packaging machine

    The photoelectric signal sensor is a device that transmits signals using light as a medium. The photoelectric signal sensor (also called photoelectric eye) is installed in front of the heat sealing device of the packaging machine. The CPU converts the signal into one of the pulse signals that can control the operation of the stepper motor through the software function. Its main function is to monitor the entire system in real time. When the photoelectric signal sensor receives the signal, it will transmit the received signal to the CPU in the form of level to complete the real-time monitoring of the entire system and the calculation of related data And transmission.

    2.Control of stepper motor in packaging machine

    The hardware interface limitation of the single-chip microcomputer of this motor and in order to improve the accuracy of the system during operation, the stepping control adopts hardware distribution instead of software distribution, and the pulse frequency of the stepper motor’s running, stopping and moving speed is output by the port of the single-chip microcomputer To control. To control the movement state and running speed of the stepper motor, as long as the pulse period and pulse number output by the port can be adjusted.

    In today’s economic market circle, its packing machine plays an important role. The number of enterprises producing packaging equipment is gradually increasing. The more new things you want, the higher your desire. It is difficult to make packaging machinery change its appearance in the market. Every aspect must be taken into consideration. This may face problems we did not expect in terms of planning and technology. When these problems arise, we must have the energy to solve them. What the packaging market needs is those companies that are brave enough to improve product quality by their own efforts, so that the companies that come afterwards can achieve tangible benefits.