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Heat gun for shrink wrap – Shuntian
heat gun for shrink wrap

Best Heat gun for shrink wrap

  • Equipment power: 50.396 kw/h
  • Operating pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Air flow: 50.97 m3/h
  • Gas consumption: 3.64 kg/h
  • Heating power: 172,000 btu./hr
  • Machine weight: 2LBS.3Oz
  • Product packaging: plastic box + carton
  • Product weight: 960g

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Introduction of shrinkfast 998 heat gun

Butane heat shrink gun, also known as gas powered heat shrink gun is a new type of industrial heat gun, it can be easily used for large objects.
This is a simple best heat shrink packaging method. First, wrap the shrink film/bag outside the packaging objects, then use a hot air shrink gun to evenly shrink the shrink film and the film will stick to the surface of the object and shrink and form, thus playing the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and anti-friction.

It is used for sealing bottles, large machines and equipment, central air conditioning, ships, yachts, refractory materials (refractory bricks), ceramic tiles, baths, engines and motors, various storage areas, elevators, lifts, construction tool scaffolding, winders, aircraft engines and parts, metal parts and materials, large pipes, home appliances, refractory materials, cement and concrete materials or bricks, furniture, cars, and any large objects stored outdoors.

shrinkfast 998 heat air shrink gun

Why choose best heat shrink gun?

1. High efficiency: usually it can shrink and pack a 1.0*1.2*1.5 pallet within two minutes.
2. Lightweight: only one kilogram, no power supply, completely hand-held, it can be used conveniently in the field.
3. General purpose: from small pallets to large-scale equipment, no matter what shape and size, it can provide protection for the top and surroundings of objects.
4. Excellent design: patented fan-shaped muzzle design, uniform heating, large area, not only can improve packaging efficiency, but also can avoid excessive concentration of heat sources in a single location, damaging packaging items or causing fire;
5. The upper and lower sides of the goods are wrapped in a complete film cover, even if they are stacked in the open or transported on a cloudy or rainy day, they will not get damp. Heat shrink blower is particularly suitable for the collection and tray packaging of multiple items or easily scattered items, such as the packaging of glass containers, batteries, cans, ceramics, etc. that have been used in the market. The middle packing is omitted or partly omitted, which saves packing costs and facilitates long-distance transportation and sales.
6. Low investment and quick results. A heat-shrinking spray gun can work when connected to an ordinary liquefied gas tank. A worker who has never used a shrink spray gun can learn to operate it in 5 minutes.
7. The heat shrinkable spray gun is durable, and there is almost no maintenance cost.

How to use shrinkfast 998 heat gun pol for shrink wrap?

1. If it is shrink-wrapped for bottle caps and containers, then prepare the shrink band to simply wrap the object. If you are shrinking boat, cable, gift baskets, hardware products, and small building materials, wrap them with shrink film or shrink bags.
2. Fix one end of the heat shrink gun on the gas tank.
3. Move the fan-shaped mouth of the heat shrink gun around the container or other products, and select the temperature suitable for the shrink film or shrink product. Due to the vertical and horizontal tension of the film after heat shrinking, the heat shrinkable film is evenly heated and melted with a heat shrink gun, and the film will shrink into the same shape as the object and cling to the surface of the object.
4. After shrinking is complete, put the shrink gun back into the matching toolbox.

Shrinkfast 998 heat gun kit contains:

1 packing box
1 shrink gun
1 trachea (about 7 meters in length)
1 pressure reducing valve
1 protective cover
1 wrench
1 manual
1 warranty card

If you have any questions related to packaging, you are welcome to contact us. You can call 0086 133 0206 3626 or leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible, thank you.

Model ST-996 S998
Gas consumption 3.2kg/hour 3.6kg/hour
Gas pressure China General Gas Tank 22PSI/1.55KG
Weight 1kg 1kg
Cost of Gas 180g/pallet  180g/pallet

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