shrink wrap bags for all kinds of things

Specification range of heat shrink bag:

  1. Thickness 45-18μm;
  2. The bag length is 60-1000 mm;
  3. Bag width 100-550 mm;
  4. Sealing form: linear, arc, side seal, V-shaped seal, etc.

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What are shrink wrap bags?

shrink wrap package

It is mainly a thin plastic bag made of a special material, which can be sealed and shrunk after heating.

Shrinking storage bags are widely used in the outer packaging of various products such as food, medicines, sterilized tableware, stationery and sports goods, craft gifts, printed matter, hardware and plastic products, cellophane, electronic appliances, etc., especially in irregularly shaped items or commodities

In terms of combined (clustered) packaging, it can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, transparent display, etc., but also increase the attractiveness of the product appearance. It can also be used to replace all kinds of cartons, which not only saves packaging costs, but also

In line with packaging trends. Plastic shrink wrap bags can be processed into flat bags, shrink wrap pull bow bags, trapezoidal bags, three-dimensional bags and other special-shaped bags.

Classification of shrink film bags: 

Material classification:

PVC shrink wrap bags:It has the characteristics of high transparency, good gloss, high shrinkage rate, brittle after heat shrinkage, and very easy to damage.shape of shrink wrap bags

At the beginning, PVC shrink film was the main product. With the continuous development of market demand, PVC shrink film has gradually decreased, and various POF, PET, PE, and other multi-layer co-extruded heat shrink films have developed rapidly and become the mainstream of the market.

Polyolefin shrink wrap bags: it is also called shrink poly bags, POF bags. It has the characteristics of high surface gloss, good toughness, high tear resistance, uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a replacement product of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film.

PE heat shrink wrap bag: It is widely used for the whole assembly packaging of wine, cans and other products. The product has good flexibility, strong impact resistance, strong tear resistance, not easy to break, not afraid of moisture, and large shrinkage.

Classification for color:Clear shrink wrap bags and printed shrink wrap bags(blue, white, colorful, yellow, red and so on)

Classification for size:small shrink wrap bags, large shrink wrap bags, jumbo shrink wrap bags, extra large shrink wrap bags

Classification for Package status: bulk shrink wrap bags and bundled shrink wrap bag

Classification for usage:

Shrink wrap bags for gift baskets

Heat shrink bags for poultry(chicken shrink bags, turkey shrink wrap bags)

Heat shrink bags for food (Beef, steak, lamb, pork, tuna, etc. It can also be used to package raw meat, cheese, leg ham or sausage.)

shrink wrap bags for clothes (shrink wrap bags for shoes, sneaker shrink wrap bags)

shrink wrap bags for office supplies(shrink wrap bags staples, shrink wrap bags for books)

Heat shrink wrap bags household (shrink bags for blankets, DVD shrink wrap bags, CD shrink wrap bags, shrink wrap bags for soap, shrink wrap bag for basket, pallet shrink wrap bags)

shrink wrap for things

Are PVC heat shrink film bags environmentally friendly?

PVC heat shrinkable bags are not environmentally friendly. Due to the difficulty of forming the PVC heat shrinkable film, a large amount of plasticizer needs to be added. Under the environment of high temperature and grease, the plasticizer and vinyl chloride monomer in the heat shrinkable film will dissolve out, causing hidden dangers to consumers’ health. In addition, PVC heat-shrinkable films are difficult to recycle after being discarded and cannot be incinerated.

PVC heat shrinkable film is made of ethylene PVC resin mixed with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials and then inflated twice. It is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, shrinkage rate can be adjusted freely according to user needs, and strong durability!

Therefore, some experts believe that from the perspective of resource conservation, environmental protection and consumer safety, PVC heat shrinkable film is not suitable for food packaging.

Application of PE heat shrink bag:

The transparent film surrounding the cardboard is often PE heat shrinkable film

PE heat shrinkable film is non-toxic, high shrinkage strength, good wear resistance, and relatively beautiful after shrinking

It is widely used in the collective shrink packaging of irregular products, cosmetics, ceramic tiles, electronics industry, furniture, chemicals, etc. Suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic shrinking machines.

Features of POF bag:

POF is thin and tough, with uniform thickness, good moisture resistance and soft texture. High tensile strength, high tear resistance, and adjustable shrinkage. POF has excellent cold resistance. It is not hard or brittle at -50 °C and is not easy to break. It can be used for frozen food packaging. After shrink packaging, the packaged material will be stored at -50 °C-95 °C for a long time and remain stable. With static electricity and anti-fog treatment, it is not easy to pollute dust and keep the product clean and beautiful.

How to choose shrink wrap bags

  1. First, check whether the end surface of the packaging bag is flat, a good packaging film, the materials are all new materials, there are no impurities, the gloss is good, and the thickness of the film is uniform.
  2. Judging from the stickiness of the packaging bag: This can be done by trying the stickiness by hand to judge the stickiness of the packaging film.
  3. Observe the gloss of the packaging bag to judge: Generally, ordinary packaging films are relatively dark, and good packaging films are relatively transparent.
  4. Shrink bag suppliers remind everyone to feel the texture of the packaging bag, whether the surface is smooth and elastic. Generally speaking, the surface of a good packaging film is relatively smooth.

Advantage of our shrink wrap bag:

Close to the packaging, transparent, beautiful in appearance, clean and bright.

  1. High temperature resistance, ordinary bags will shrink into a ball and scorch when encountering high temperature, and it can be directly welded and packaged according to the fully automatic semi-automatic machine. It is very strong.
  2. High puncture resistance
  3. Suitable for packaging various shapes of goods, increasing the attractiveness of the product appearance
  4. Superior moisture-proof performance.
  5. The packaged goods are tight and fixed, and small parts will not sway in the middle of the package
  6. Has good shock resistance, impact resistance, and good protection performance
  7. High cold resistance. Because of the special raw materials, the heat shrinkable film can be kept at a temperature of -50 ℃ for a long time without brittleness, which is very suitable for cargo transportation or storage.

How to use shrink wrap bags?

Manual: Measure the product size—determine the bag size—put the product into the bag—seal with a sealing machine—shrink by heat shrink gun—package the finished product. More information please view our heat shrink gun page.

Shrink packaging machine: put the fold film on the machine—punch—put the product—sealing and cutting—overheating shrinking machine—finished product packaging.

Video of heat shrink gun for shrink bag

Video of heat shrink machine for shrink wrap bag

Do you know how to calculate the size of a shrink bags?

how to calculate the shrink bag

Where to buy shrink wrap bags?

Shuntian was founded in 2009 and is a large paper-plastic packaging company integrating film blowing, laminating, printing and bag making. The shrink wrap bags factory is equipped with one large eight-color granule printing unit, eight film blowing units, one composite unit, one eight-side sealing computer combined bag making unit, five zipper bag making machines, and one slitting unit. Various packaging products such as packaging bags, clothing zipper bags, baby products packaging, ordinary laminated bags, vacuum bags, aluminized laminated bags, retort bags, stretch film cut and hot bags, shrink film, stretch film and other packaging products.


If you need more shrink wrap film, we have a dedicated page. If you need a matching shrink wrap machine, please move to our relevant page.

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