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Heat shrink wrap machine

The heat shrink wrap machine sends a program control command to the machine through the PLC to complete the whole shrink packaging work. In addition, it can be used with the constant temperature PE shrinking furnace to achieve the perfect packaging effect. The heat shrink wrap machine adopts a device which wraps the product with a heat shrinkable film and then heats it to shrink the material of the package and wrap the product tightly, which can fully display the perfect appearance shrinkage effect achieved by the article, due to the adoption It is a green heat shrinkable film, so it will not cause pollution to the environment.


It is a real environmental protection device. The heat shrink wrap machine adopts quartz tube crystal heating, which can reach the required temperature in a short time, accurately and effectively complete the effect of shrink packaging of articles, and the articles processed by the automatic shrink packaging machine have better sealing effect. It protects articles from the external environment, so it is widely used in shrink packaging between beverages, food, hardware, confectionery, etc. The heat shrink wrap machine effectively improves the product display effect, reduces costs and promotes sales, and has become one of the most popular packaging equipments.

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