Horizontal Form Fill Seal Flow Wrap Machine Troubleshooting

I am doing this job of horizontal form fill seal machine. Now let’s talk about the troubleshooting of horizontal form fill seal flow wrap machine.

  1. Horizontal form fill seal packaging machine can’t cut film

(Also known as the silk is connected; the packaging film is cut off from the blade above the tool holder.

For this problem, if you have just bought back the machine, then you must first look at what type of items you pack, if you have a hardware such as metal.

I accidentally cut it to the knife. It is easy to break away. After this class is excluded, I will see if the pressure is regulated, and the pressure is pressed down, and the pressure is pressed back and then retreats. There is also a question that you want to pay attention to is if your packaging is a hardware or a relatively hard item, then the pressure adjustment is too dead, press the bottom and then retreats for 4 laps. I thought that if the pressure is too dead, in case the material is cut into the middle of the cutter.

  1. What should I do if the material is caught in the cutter? (Not will not be averaged as advanced)

First, it will be said that if the pressure is too tight and your item is relatively thick, it will easily have such a situation. At this time, just adjust the pressure to release the gear, but don’t forget the material. After the pressure is turned back.

  1. Tighten to the switch fault (appear on the screen)

I believe that many people have encountered, go on the cutting machine of the horizontal form fill seal packaging machine on both sides of the machine’s end seal, depending on the different models of the model, right. Take the 320 standard pillow packaging model as an example as you stand in front of the screen is close to your own side.

Open close to the end sealing protective shell from yourself, then see the end-seated pull board, the pull board is to adjust the knife seat, you can see a line with a line, this thing is close to the switch. . There is a gear on the plate, there is a screw or other protruding object on the gear. Now you press it until that screw goes to the proximity switch position and then stop, see if there is no light on the top of the switch.

The problem will not be bright, then you only need to press the switch to the inside, let the screws and objects are close to the lights, or put the screws to the outside, but pay attention to the screws and board gaps, Too closer to touch the board. If your screw is very close to the switch, then it is a problem with the line close to the switch or there is a problem. At this time, it is necessary to change the entire switch. Normal is that whenever the screw is rotated to the switch position lamp.

  1. It is easy to explode (that is, I suddenly exploded the bag.)

For many users, this may be a more annoying problem. When the bucket is first analyzed in which place began to explode, if the bag is started to explode, it is too big, the size is too big. To properly, if the low item makeup is too high, the width is more than the material wide point, if it is still explosive, the cover plate of the pillow packaging machine is opened, and then look at the position length of the packaging film seal. Not the same, if it is too much, you will burst the bag. You see where the length is short, and the inside is shorter, and it is adjacent to it. Another is that the middle seal position starts the explosion film, then the medium seal the hot plate is slightly opened. Basic this is solved. If you can’t, check the center wheels in the left and right sides of the left and right, it is possible to run, and it will be uniform.

  1. The position of the sealing position is not very short in the bag.

This is relatively simple. After the film came out, I turned it over and see which side is long. It is short, I want to pay attention to the direction of the film to pick it up, and then I will go out in the paper carrier, it is short. Adjustment, the outside is short.

The above is a common problem of flow wrap machine, I hope it can help you.

The above is about solution of  horizontal form fill seal flow wrap machine troubleshooting , please contact us if there are more questions.

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