How does a strapping machine work?

Strapping Machine is the use of Strapping tape to tie the product or package, and then tighten and combine the two ends by hot perm hot melt bonding. The function of the baler is to strengthen the packaging of goods, so that the goods in the process of handling, storage, not because of the bundling is not loose and scattered, but also should be neatly bundled and beautiful. How does a strapping machine work?

First put the packing object in the middle position of the strapping machine, turn the pressure plate of the strapping machine to the right, press the front end of the packing belt tightly, and then put the belt tightly on the strapping object, the object to be packed is basically in the middle of the baler.

automatic strapping machine

First, the right top body rises, and the front end of the belt is compressed to tighten the strap on the object. Then the left top body rises, compresses the appropriate position of the lower belt, and heats the two belts.

Then cut the strap with a knife, and finally send the next strapping strap to the corresponding master, and one engineering process is completed.

With that in mind, the basic ways to use strapping machines, depending on the type of Strapping Machine, are:

  1. Automatic Strapping Machine: No manual tape insertion, the trigger mode is divided into a little movement, manual, continuous play, ball switch, foot switch, just press the switch can automatically complete the packaging, convenient and fast.
  2. Semi-automatic Strapping Machine: After the packer manually inserts the packing tape, the machine will automatically complete the packing process of gathering, gluing, cutting and exiting the tape. Because each product needs to be operated manually.
  3. Automatic unmanned Strapping Machine: no manual insertion, just set to automatically complete the whole process of band gathering, bonding, cutting, out of the tape, according to the demand, can be customized 1-5 bundles, speed: 2.0 seconds /.
  4. Manual Strapping Machine: manual operation is required to complete the whole process. Under normal circumstances, there are electric hot melt and iron buckle clamping.
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