How profitable is the non-woven bag manufacturing business

If you are someone who is looking to start a small business in the manufacturing industry and are going through your alternatives, it is important to consider a business that would require a small investment but has a high demand in the market.

One such industry is the non woven bag manufacturing business. The fact is that before starting any business, it is crucial to assess and estimate if the demand for the service or the product will continue to rise consistently.

Simultaneously, it is also crucial to clearly understand the statistics in terms of investment as well as profitability presented by the particular business opportunity.

Among the various alternatives available, non woven bag manufacturing is definitely a great choice. The rising popularity and demand of the non woven bags can be attributed to the rising concerns pertaining to pollution caused by plastic bags and the various advantages that it offers.

In fact, in the modern world, the non-woven bag is used quite widely, which has increased its production. These bags are created using non-woven bag making machines, and polypropylene (PP) fabric and the latter is popular for its aesthetic look and longevity.

Moreover, it is resistant to heat and water, light, soft, and can be washed easily. All of these qualities make it a great alternative for polyethylene plastic bags, particularly because it is also eco-friendly.


Previously, the importance of foresight when starting a business was already discussed. A good businessperson can engage in precise calculations and anticipate tactfully to aptly determine the market potential of a product or a service.

In this context, one cannot overlook the potential market of the non woven bag manufacturing business.  There are various factors that are associated with the profitability of these bags, such as:

Government Policies: – Across the world, plastic bags are getting banned by different governments to a large extent. Although they are still in use, there is an increased awareness pertaining to the downsides of their use. This has led to a demand for various other types of carrying bags such as paper bags, non-woven material bags, cloth bags, and so much more.  It is estimated that plastic bags will get completely banned eventually, resulting in the rise in the demand for non woven bags.

Advantages over plastic bags: – Apart from their environment-friendly properties, non woven bags tend to exhibit several other positive characteristics, making them a better product when compared to plastic bags.

Promotional capabilities: – With the use of non woven bags, it becomes easier for a business or a brand to promote themselves. Since the lifespan of these bags is longer, they function as optimal packaging materials while also assisting with marketing.

Cost: – When compared to the other alternatives of plastic bags, non woven bags are cheaper and present a host of benefits.

Eco-friendly: – As society is developing and there is rising awareness among people, many are instantly drawn towards environmentally-friendly products, which makes non woven bags a great alternative.

Applications of Non-Woven Bags

As stated previously, the aesthetic properties of non-woven bags make them particularly popular. This is also the reason why they enjoy a host of applications, including Gift bags, handbags with zippers and Velcro, Food bags, Thermal bags, and shopping bags. Thus, upon starting a non woven bags manufacturing business, they can be sold to small stores, shopping malls, gift shops, dairy stores, and beauty stores apart from other retail businesses. These stores typically turn to bags as a mode of marketing. But do note that it is possible for a non-woven bag making machine manufacturer to associate with corporate clients for bulk orders.

Advantages of Non Woven Bags

It was previously stated that non woven Bags are in the need of the hour as they offer several benefits. What exactly are the advantages? Essentially, non woven bags are completely recyclable. Moreover, they are bio-degradable and can be incinerated without releasing any toxic contaminants. The manufacturing process does not make use of PVC coating or even water. It also allows for screen printing, making it especially attractive for other businesses.

The polypropylene fabric that is used to manufacture non woven bags also has its own set of positive characteristics such as better durability that increases its utility, resistance to heat and water, ease to wash, and so on.

There are just a few steps required to manufacture non-woven bags. However, to complete each step, different machines are required.

Non-woven Bag Making Machine- It is required to cut the fabric into the required size once it passes through the rollers and is ready for the next step.

Auto Handle Sealing Machine- This particular machine handles the Hydraulic pressure that is present within the sealing machine that connects the handle and the main body.

Printing Machine- This is a crucial machine since it makes the process of customization easy, where designs are printed as required by the customers. These machines are relied upon by non-woven bag printing machine manufacturers for creating customized designs for their clients.

Printing Machine Rollers-These rollers help with support, which is particularly important for straightening the fabric and manufacturing the bags.

Essentially, the manufacturing takes place in three different steps:

Firstly, the fabric roll is checked thoroughly to choose one with the preferred quality.

Then, it is cautiously passed through the printing plate, following which it is cut into pieces of fixed size.

Finally, the handle is stamped on the primary part of the bag with the help of a hydraulic stamping machine.

These bags can then be sold by the non-woven bag printing machine supplier can enjoy immense profits.

Profit You Can Anticipate!

In case you have decided to become a non-woven bag making machine manufacturer, you have to learn about the various types of these bags that can be manufactured. You can sell various types of these bags ranging from ones with the plain handle, 3D Box with handle, Bottom Gajet with handle, Plain D Cut, Bottom Gajet D cut, and 3D box D cut. The price of each type is different, and typically, the non woven bags profit margin ranges from 7–10%.

When compared to other business, becoming a non-woven manufacturer requires less investment


It is natural to be confused when you are considering a range of business ideas, as there is a lot of pressure to choose the apt option that is profitable. The easiest way to narrow down your options is to consider which of the ideas would enjoy demand in the present and the future. Although it is easy to overlook the non woven bag manufacturing business as its demand is normal and it was definitely lesser when compared to plastic bags, what cannot be ignored is the fact that non woven bags will be the future of the industry due to their versatility and eco-friendly properties. Thus, they are the best alternative for plastic bags today and will enjoy growing demand.

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