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How to develop a high-speed washing powder packaging machine

For the development of three-dimensional packaging technology products with increasing demand and a variety of packaging material specifications, a higher requirement is put forward for the adaptability and packaging speed of packaging machinery and equipment. We can design a three-dimensional washing powder packing machine that integrates weighing, filling, shaping, vacuuming, heat sealing, unloading and conveying functions. The whole machine has a more compact structure, a high degree of automation, and It is easy to operate and use, simple to maintain, and fast in packaging. It is extremely competitive in the Chinese market economy.

  1. Mechanism distribution design The arrangement of each mechanism makes it possible to carry out reshaping at the same time as the bag is being filled and the vacuum to carry out unloading at the same time, which can greatly improve work efficiency and facilitate adjustment and maintenance.
  2. Institutional selection

This machine is mainly composed of a quantitative weighing mechanism, a forming mechanism, a bag clamping mechanism, a bag carrying mechanism, a vacuum sealing mechanism and a feeding mechanism.

Similar products are currently on the market in molds, and then the idea of ​​traditional manual vacuum packaging is to fix the three-dimensional cavity and the specific bagging cylindrical fitting method, changing the packaging and bagging and changing the forming drum at the same time. The box size and the bag forming size are close to the bag needs to be fully stretched, and the bag is used to fully stretch the cylinder. This mode of operation leads to a waste of time in the bagging step. Therefore, this design adopts a bag-type mechanism duckbill pocket clip. When the clip closes the pocket, it only needs to open the bag mouth slightly, and the remaining space can be filled by the weight of the filling material. Taking into account the difference in packaging specifications, in order to save time in the filling step, two sets of clamping body bags are used, and each clip has two pocket clips, one large and one small, considering the ease and blanking time of bagging. In the mold, the modular mold is used, and multiple shaping plates are used to actively move from all directions to form a three-dimensional mold cavity, and finally the material is shaped by tube vacuum. Through the mechanical processing of the bag packaging bag processing device, the use of the discharge conveyor device to reverse the way the box material is placed on the conveyor belt and the vacuum sealing operation of the loading or unloading operation is performed simultaneously to reduce the time occupied by the entire process.

After we have made many improvements, we can greatly improve the competitiveness of our products. The washing powder packaging machine is suitable for three-dimensional vacuum packaging of granular materials in various industries. The whole machine has high degree of automation technology, fast packaging speed, simple operation method, and beautiful and simple appearance.

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