How to eliminate the heat shrink packaging machine fault?

The heat shrink packaging machine is one of the types of packaging machines, which is formed by shrink film wrapped on the outside of the product or package and heated to cause the shrink film to shrink and wrap the product. The packaging of the heat shrink packaging machine not only protects against moisture, but also prevents contamination and protects the product from external impact.

It is very common in life, and it is used more. If the machine fails to work in time, it will affect the production efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, if there is a failure in use, how should we troubleshoot so that it can be put into use more quickly.
1. There is no heating in the shrinkage chamber of the heat shrink packaging machine, which is a common fault in the work. If there is such a thing, don’t panic, you can stop the automatic packing machine production to troubleshoot and see if the heating switch is caused by poor heating; check if the indoor wire is aging and short circuit; see if the electric heating pipe is damaged or if there is no electric heating pipe head. Connected. If all of the above are normal, finally check if the thermostat control board or potentiometer is damaged, and replace it with new one if it is damaged.
2. The conveyor network of the heat shrink packaging machine does not turn. This may be caused by poor contact or failure of the conveyor switch. If it is normal, check whether the adjustment control board or potentiometer is damaged. Secondly, check whether the conveyor motor is working normally. Finally, check the conveyor. Whether the organization is stuck or not, the inspection can be eliminated one by one.
Regardless of the failure of the packaging machine equipment, stop the work in time, and then troubleshoot the machine. If there is no problem, please contact the after-sales personnel for repair. If the machine is repaired, please check the machine first to ensure that it can be turned on.