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How to package powder products

Powdered items are common in life, such as flour, corn flour and so on. Do you know how to package powder products? However, if you want to pack these powdery items reasonably and rely on manual work, there will not only be a waste of work, but also affect the work efficiency, so it is the most convenient to pack it by the powder pouch packing machine.

How you want the package to look, how many grams of packaging, packaging speed, you need to have a parameter to tell the manufacturer.

With the development of society, customers have higher requirements for powder packaging machines. For example, it is waterproof, non-stick materials, etc., so not every machine manufacturer can meet all of these needs, so it is really not easy for many customers to choose a machine that suits them.

Generally speaking, food products are packaged in a vacuum way, mainly because the product is in contact with the air, thereby extending the shelf life, but for dehydrated products, the shelf life itself is relatively long. And many products do not need to be stored for a long time, so more kinds of packaging methods are used.

  1. Bag packaging. For dehydrated garlic powder, bag packaging is very common, mainly in PE bags and kraft paper bags. Generally, kraft paper bags will be directly sealed, and then they will fall on the pallet, and the surface of the items will be wrapped with a shrink wrapping machine. The entire packaging process is over.
  2. Carton packaging. In fact, the so-called carton packaging is also carried out on the basis of the former packaging method. Generally, users will first use PE bags for packaging, then pack the bags into the carton, use the carton sealing machine to seal the box, and then put it on the pallet for binding. Secure and transport.
  3. Vacuum packaging. This packaging method has been introduced in the previous article, so I won’t repeat it here.

However, the powder packaging machine developed by Shuntian has many advantages. The eight-station bag-feeding machine can be said to be able to meet the various needs of manufacturers.

First of all, this kind of machine can not only weigh and pack powdered items, but also pack granular, small materials and frozen food. Buying such a machine will have a wide range of applications and facilitate different product shapes in later stages. Pack it.

Secondly, Shuntian’s packaging machine can be said to have a good reputation in this industry in terms of quality. The high-performance machine saves you a lot of shrink wrap machine troubleshooting. Contact