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How to select packing machine? – Shuntian

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    How to select packing machine?

    This is a question. people always say:”Buyer be ware” However, if you know why and how, you will be able to select your favorite packing machine. I have been in the packaging machinery industry for more than ten years and have reached thousands of users. I admire the savvy of many of them when they bought the machine. In this wave of business with honesty as the melody, I am willing to summarize their “tips” for purchasing machines for your reference.

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    Before we buy, we must clarify our needs: Which products will the packaging machine we will buy? Some buyers have many varieties of products. When buying packaging machines, they hope that one device can pack all their varieties. In fact, the packaging of special machines is often better than that of compatible machines. Do not pack more than 3-5 varieties in one packaging machine. In addition, products with a large difference in external dimensions should choose different machinery.

    After clarifying the needs, we discuss how to select ?
    Selected manufacturers
    Now it is the buyer’s market, and the initiative is entirely with the buyer. However, you choose a machine, which is a high-value durable product. Unlike a piece of clothing, it is not suitable to throw it away. The reasonable selection of packaging machinery can make your products more exquisite and win business opportunities. Conversely, if the machinery is not well selected, it is likely to be a pile of scrap iron.
    The savvy purchaser chooses the manufacturer through the following methods.
    1.Introduction by friends
    Packaging machines trusted by peers can be given priority, saving you time to identify them one by one.
    2.Selection at the exhibition
    Every year, there are large-scale packaging machinery exhibitions around the world. The participating packaging machinery are generally well-known companies and are pioneers in the packaging machinery industry. Therefore, the selection at the exhibition is relatively wide, and it is easy to choose the packaging machinery that you are satisfied with.
    3.Chinese famous Brand
    As far as possible, choose Chinese and foreign famous brand packaging machine companies with a long history and guaranteed quality. Choose models with mature technology and stable quality, good packaging effect, low energy consumption, low manual, and low waste rate. Packaging machines are consumable machines. Low-quality machines will waste a lot of packaging films, especially now that packaging materials are also rising.
    Now is the era of network big data. Strong packaging machinery manufacturers have their own websites. As long as you enter “packaging machine” in the search engine, there will be hundreds of packaging machinery manufacturers, click to enter the manufacturer’s website to choose, it is easier and more convenient than shopping in the supermarket. You can also choose a professional manufacturer according to the type of packaging you purchase.
    5. Factory inspection
    In the process of factory inspection, we should pay attention to the following issues: a. Plant appearance, corporate culture, and staff morale. b. Whether it has passed the quality system certification. c. Service commitment. d: quality and brand of main parts of the machine
    Remember to bring a sample test machine. After packaging, the overall packaging effect is clear at a glance, and the test is often more vivid than the story.
    6. After sales service
    The after-sales service must be timely and available on demand, especially for food processing enterprises. For example, the moon cake company only has a production period of just two months each year. If there is a problem in the production of the packaging machine and it cannot be resolved immediately, the loss can be imagined.
    7. Don’t just notice the price
    The purchase of the machine should be purchased with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, and high degree of full automation. Even if the machine has a higher initial investment, the later use can greatly improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development of enterprises

    Contact with suppliers
    1. After the initial selection of the manufacturer, contacting the manufacturer and listening to the details of the supplier becomes your important event. Let me give a few examples: I once received Mr. Mike from the United States. He wanted to pack rectangular tiles, two sizes, large heat shrinkable side seal packaging. What I suggested to him was the STS5570 + 6040 large non-standard winger shrink machine and shrink furnace. When he talked to me, I didn’t dare to agree to all the conditions and asked to send samples for testing. After receiving the samples, I told her the design of the machine and possible problems. Michael came to Tianjin Shuntian, ordered the prototype on the same day after the trial, and then ordered four more. After the transaction was successful, Michael told me: “She has contacted dozens of manufacturers found online, selected five manufacturers to send samples, and finally decided to choose Tianjin Shuntian Packaging. Your company is not the largest, and I feel you are very sincere when you talk. Unlike some manufacturers, they say everything is OK; secondly, I think you are very professional. You can tell me the design scheme and working principle in less than 20 minutes after two conversations. And most of the so-called connection ladies in the big factory transferred to the technical department, the technical department transferred to the main office, and talked about four or five, personal, still no one knows, it makes people feel deceptive. In the end I saw you bold And efficient, so you win this business.
    2. At the end of last year, Korean foreign businessmen introduced our factory to talks with friends. A total of more than 30 different sizes of product packaging were brought to the company for testing. The first contract was for three machines, and the foreign businessman said that he went to many factories, but none of them could meet his requirements. In the end, our company used pillow-type packaging machines and three-dimensional packaging equipment to solve all product packaging problems, which involved equipment compatibility, non-standard transformation stability, and electrical control flexibility. But many years of non-standard customization experience enables us to solve this problem smoothly.
    Customer feedback: They have been reluctant to make in China before because of quality problems before. But our professionalism and excellent non-standard custom design made them choose us!
    I hope the above will be helpful for you to buy the machine.

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