How to shrink wrap a package by shrink film

In life, we encounter many scenes that require heat shrinkage, such as gifts, books, etc., the film wrapped outside the product is shrink film, do you know how to shrink wrap a package by shrink film?

Shrink film is also called thermoplastic film. Commonly used materials are PVC/PE/POF/PET, etc… like the shampoo and shower gel, skin care products, mobile phones, stationery, doors and windows, aluminum and other products that we usually see most of the outer packaging is packaged with heat-shrinkable film, so how does the heat-shrinkable film shrink packaging products?

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Comparison of physical properties of POF and pe and PVC shrink film

The common shrinking method of heat shrink film is generally to use a heat shrink wrap gun. First, determine the size of the heat shrink bag, then put the product into the bag, seal the mouth with a sealer, and finally use a hot air cylinder to heat and shrink. The effect you are satisfied with is completed;

how to shrink wrap odd shaped items

The second is to use a fully automatic packaging machine for heat shrink packaging. First, the heat shrink film (most of which needs to be folded in half) is placed on the machine, and then punched, placed in the product, sealed and cut, and passed directly through the furnace of the packaging machine. Heat to shrink, and after coming out of the furnace, the shrinkage is complete!

In order to show better results, we have released two videos, you can compare them.Generally speaking, small batches or small household products are suitable for hair dryers, and large batches of products are suitable for shrink packaging machine.

Check out the following video on how to shrink wrap a package

Shrink wrap package by heat shrink wrap gun

Video for shrink wrap package by machine

Several ways of covering film for heat shrink packaging

Heat shrink packaging is the process of using a heat shrinking machine to heat and shrink the product. This process generally includes two steps, one is the process of covering the product, and the other is the heat shrinking process. The heat shrinking uses a heat shrink wrap machine. This is undoubtedly, but the bagging process is not the same. Below, I will share with you several methods of shrink packaging.

  1. Cover film of sealing and cutting machine. This is the longest way to wrap the film. The sealing and cutting machines include automatic, semi-automatic, side sealing, bilateral sealing, cuffs, etc. These all belong to the series of sealing and cutting machines, which can cover the product for heat shrink packaging.
  2. Artificial cover film. Manual sleeving is a kind of relatively low degree of automation. This method is generally used in conjunction with a sealing machine. After the bag is manually put on, it is sealed with a sealing machine, and then sent to a shrinking furnace for shrinking. Although this kind of efficiency is lower, But in terms of cost, it is still a more cost-effective option.
  3. Shrink after vacuum packaging. This method may not be seen by many users. It is mainly used in the food industry. The shrinking machine used here is not a traditional shrinking machine, but a hot water shrinking machine. If you are interested and want to know about it, you can call Qingdao Axioms Marketing Center to find out.

How to improve the packaging effect of shrink film packaging machine?

The shrink film packaging machine uses shrink film to wrap the packaged items outside, and the shrink film wraps the packaged items tightly after heating, which fully displays the appearance of the item, improves the product’s displayability, and increases the beauty and sense of value. At the same time, the packaged items can be sealed, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, and have a proper protective effect. When the package is fragile, it can prevent the items from flying around when they are broken.

Adjustment before use of heat shrinkable film packaging machine:

(1) Air flow adjustment: The air flow is generally adjusted by frequency conversion to control the speed of the motor. However, many heat shrink packaging machines do not have this function. The strong function is to adjust the wind direction, which effectively blows the hot air to the position where the product needs to shrink. The air volume also has a great influence on the shrinking effect. If the air volume is too large, the shrink film is instantly heated. Expansion can easily lead to burst after contraction and affect the contraction effect.

(2) Conveyor belt speed adjustment: Most conveying manufacturers will use frequency converters and electronic speed regulators to control the speed. If the product is long, the speed must be slow, and the heat-shrink packaging machine must convey long. If the product has a very high shrinkage effect, it is recommended to use a longer heat-shrink packaging machine, and use low temperature slow conveying to meet the shrinkage effect.

Packaging effect selection of heat shrinkable film:

The packaging effect of heat shrinkable film packaging should be based on different product quality, material, packaging effect requirements to choose different heat shrinkable films, the selection is relatively simple, as long as the shrinkage rate of the heat shrinkable film is mastered, and the thickness is moderate. The shrinkage rate of the heat shrinkable film directly affects the effect of the product’s heat shrinkable packaging. The larger the shrinkage rate, the better.

Heat shrinkable film packaging machine configuration: Heat shrinkable film packaging machine air outlet methods are generally divided into two types, one is the fan blades on both sides of the furnace, the other is the air holes on both sides of the furnace, and the heating method of the heat shrinkable film packaging machine There are quartz tube heating and stainless steel tube heating, stainless steel tube internal circulation wind, natural internal circulation type has better shrinkage effect.

Heat shrink film packaging machine performance and wind direction flow system structure: When purchasing a heat shrink film packaging machine, you must first select a fan of the appropriate power, not the bigger the better, but the size of the furnace body. At the same time, more attention should be paid to the layout of the hot air circulation piping system structure. When the fan is working, it can blow the heated temperature evenly, so as to achieve the desired effect.

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