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There are two primary methods of shrink wrapping a box by machine. The first involves manually sealing a package. Then, one person will feed it into the heat tunnel and pack the items. Once the package is shrink wrapped, an outfeed conveyor will drop it onto another conveyor. Small businesses can automate this process by using an automatic small box shrink wrap machine that seals a package in under a minute.

An all-in-one shrink wrapping machine does the work of both the sealing and shrinking processes. It uses a specially designed chamber to seal both sides of the film. This machine also includes a hot knife wire that runs along the bottom edge of the clamshell-style hood. The machine’s heated air circulates inside the chamber. The entire process takes about five to 10 seconds per item.

shrink wrap machine for box

In order to perform the process, three components are needed: a heat source, a hood, and shrink film. These three pieces of equipment work together to provide the protective wrapping that is required. This method is particularly useful in print shops. It will protect the printed material from water, dust, and insects, while keeping the item safe during transport. Unlike plastic bags, shrink wrap is waterproof and makes it easier for printers to package large items.