How to shrink wrap bath bombs?

Bath bombs are soft and can be crushed. It will not melt immediately after entering the water, but will produce a lot of strong and dense foam under the impact of hot water, which will also change the smell and color of the water. Do you know how to shrink wrap bath bombs?

Why use shrink wrap?

Bath bombs will produce foam when exposed to water. If the packaging meets moisture, the bath bombs may deteriorate.

  1. It can reduce the possibility of bath bombs being demolished and stolen
  2. Shrinkage does not affect the quality of the packaged items, but can also shrink and pack perfectly, and it can also be applied to the packaging of regular or irregular items.
  3. Extend the shelf life.Bath bombs are bathroom products, which have high requirements for preventing dust. If it is wrapped by shrink film, it can effectively prevent dust.
  4. shrink wrap can better protect bath bombs from fiction.

How to shrink wrap bath bombs with hair dryer?

  1. Choose a shrink film of the right size and put the bath bomb in it.The shrink film is biodegradable shrink wrap for bath bombs
  2. Prepare a hair dryer or hot air blower and a sealing machine
  3. Use a sealing machine or scissors to cut off the excess heat shrinkable film
  4. Adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to a high temperature, and blow the air against the bath bomb to make the heat shrinkable film close to it.
  5. The beautiful and beautiful finished product is finished.

how to shrink wrap bath bombs with hair dryer

How to shrink wrap bath bombs with machine?

  1. Turn the on / off button onto the board of this heat shrink wrap machine.  Shrink Device index lighting is around
  2. Twist onto the warmth button and then correct the Top and lower temperatures controller knobs to place the warmth temperature in Line with this type and depth of the Movie, and also the particular picture shrinkage temperature
  3. Correct the communicating knob, it’s usually more advisable to correct the communicating rate to moderate.  If the L type shrink wrap machine ought to be corrected to coordinate with the transfer pace of this cutting and sealing equipment.
  4. Subsequent to the aforementioned functions are done, enable the equipment operate (pre heat ) to get 5-10 minutes,  then turn the thermal flow fan button onto the board, and then the diminishing task might be completed out.
  5. Throughout the procedure, in case you can find numerous wrinkles, then this also usually means the diminishing place temperature is low or even the communicating rate is far too rapidly, and also the temperature might be raised and also the communicating rate could be lessened.  To the other hand, the moment the shrinkage and rupture happening does occur, this usually means the temperatures .
  6. Is overly high and also so the communicating rate is overly gradual.  It might be corrected in line with the true circumstance.  Due to the temperatures as well as the rate will be restricted, at times it can have to get adjusted to fit certain prerequisites.
  7. After packaging, then switch off the warming swap and lessen the temperature of this very low temperatures controller lever, and then allow the broadcasting engine and buff engine remain to perform for approximately ten minutes, then then cut the full power source, which will boost the battery life span of this slumping device.

shrink wrap machine for bath bombs

Tips for use the ball type bath bombs shrinking wrap machine

  1. The cutter is a very important consumable, and it is also a fragile accessory. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the cutter at ordinary times. The specific expression is that after each work, the blade must be cleaned and maintained with a release agent, and the moving parts must be frequently added. Lubricant.
  2. The contact surface of the blade should be protected. If the outer layer of high-temperature varnished cloth is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

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