3 steps on how to shrink wrap odd shaped items

Shrink wrap can be seen everywhere in our lives. It can not only pack regular products such as square boxes, photo frames, etc., but also irregular shapes, such as flowers, combined tableware, toys, tables, chairs, and benches. So how to shrink wrap shaped items? How to wrap weird shapes? Here we introduce three steps.

Step 1: Choose the packaging materials

Step 2: Choose the packaging size

Step 3: Use the correct heat shrink tool

Check out the following video on how to shrink wrap odd shaped machine

1. Choose the packaging materials

On the market, the common materials used for heat shrinkage include PE shrink film, POF shrink film, PVC shrink film, OPS shrink film, PET film, and shrink tubing. Each type of shrink film adapts to different products. Here we have an article introducing their differences. Comparison of physical properties of POF and PE and PVC shrink film

2. Choose the packaging size. First, measure the length, width and height of the largest wrapped, otherwise it may not be able to shrink completely in some places. Then cut it out according to the size you need, and then we can select the corresponding tool to shrink the product.

how to shrink wrap odd shaped items

3. Use the correct heat shrink tool

3.1 If it is flowers, vegetables and other products that are afraid of high temperature, we recommend shrink tubing, and use a heat shrink gun to shrink it. Put the shrink tubing on your product, and seal the opening with string or tape. Blow the shrink tubing evenly with a heat shrink gun, and it’s enough to fit everything together. Be careful not to blow in the same place for too long, it will shrink very much, causing the place of the set to be exposed.

3.2 If it is light toys, combined tableware and other products, the material we recommend is PVC or POF shrink film. Generally, the heat shrinkage effect is better. If the product is relatively small, use semi-automatic shrink wrap machine. If it is mass production, we recommend using fully auto shrink wrap machine.

The shrinking process is as follows:

Put product into film-cutting and sealing the film-turn into shrink tunnel-finished product.

For details, you can see the related video introduction.

3.3 For large-scale household products, irregular piles of bottles and other products, our recommended material is POF shrink film or PE film. It can be shrunk with a shrink wrap machine or used with an industrial heat shrink gun.

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