How to use a shrink wrap machine?

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What is shrink wrap machine?

Video for general use a shrink wrap machine

How to use before installation

Application of shrink wrap machine

Tips for daily use of heat shrinkers

How to extend the life of the cutting and sealing machine?

How do you shrink wrap machine?

What is shrink wrap machine?

The heat shrink packaging machine is one of the most advanced flexible bag packaging methods on the market. It is a machine that uses shrink film to wrap the product or package outside, and shrink the packaging material through sealing and cutting and heating to wrap the product or package tightly.

How to use before installation

1.Electricity:heat shrink packaging machine and also the twisting machine absorb a great deal of power, or so the input power has to be more than the minimal power around the slumping system’s nameplate, otherwise it’s not difficult to burn up the circuit or electric components.

Shrink packing machine has to be faithfully grounded to protect private security . Every machine has been attached with an electricity cable once it leaves the mill. The lead region of the ending has an electric identification symbol. It Should Be Attached properly. Illegal operation might lead to electric shock.

2Apartment installment: once the voltage of this heat shrink packaging system is an three-phase 380V power source, the zero lineup has to be entered at exactly the exact same period, in other words, the conventional three-phase four-wire system along with also other packing equipment may also be such as vacuum packing machines. The machine can’t perform normally, and also the inner electric parts can easily be burnt. The heating shrink packaging system has to be set up horizontally, otherwise the support lifetime of the electric heating will soon be shortened.


3.Inspection:For mesh belt conveyors, the inclined installation will cause the conveyor belt to deviate from the center. Once the heat-shrink packaging system is used regularly for at least three weeks, the temperature-resistant cables at the slumping room needs to be inspected and replaced as appropriate in line with the level of aging. After heat shrink packaging system is currently working, the hands of this operator and also the rest aren’t permitted to get in touch with the running portions of the system, specially the temperature inside the slumping chamber, that will be simple to burn off. Once the packaging job is completed, turn off the heating power source. In order to avoid harm into the manufacturing line, allow the communicating engine and lover run for a second 10 minutes, so that the machine is basically not very hot, and then turn off all power supplies.

Application of shrink wrap machine:

Nowadays, automatic shrink packaging machines are widely used in the packaging of masks, audio products, cleaning supplies, toiletries, office supplies, odd items, etc. With the advancement of technology and the wide range of applications, automatic packaging machines are step by step becoming more powerful, constantly creating surprises for the packaging market.

Tips for daily use of heat shrink machine:

  1. When using the heat shrinkable film packaging machine, we must choose a well-ventilated place, which is conducive to heat dissipation and prevent electrical components from overheating.
  2. When the packaging passes through the studio, try to place it in the middle to avoid damaging the heating tube.

3.the equipment must be checked before use, to ensure that there is no error before driving, use more than three months, must check the shrinkage of the aging of the wire, if there is a problem, please replace in time.

  1. The power supply of the heat-shrinkable packaging machine is generally 380V, three-phase four-wire, four-pin plug, and the cross-section of the power line should be greater than 6mm2. The zero line must be connected to the machine, otherwise it cannot be run.
  2. If the equipment uses a 220V power supply and a three-pin plug, the cross-section of the power line should be greater than 4mm2, and the casing must be grounded reliably to package and operate safely.

How to extend the life of the cutting and sealing machine?

Regularly lubricate the sealing machine: where the machine moves, there will be wear and tear, such as the L-type sealing machine has high working efficiency, the machine moves fast, and it is necessary to regularly refill the gear meshes, the oil hole of the seated bearing and the moving parts. Lubricate with engine oil. Regularly refueling the various parts of the shrinking machine is essential to extend the life of the shrinking machine.

Use the carton sealing machine correctly: The important point in the use of the carton sealing machine is that after the packaging work is completed, the heating switch should be turned off first, and the conveying engine and fan engine should proceed to perform for approximately ten minutes, then cut the whole power source.Clean the box sealing machine regularly: Dust and debris in the equipment are the most common reasons for the problems of many equipment. Especially in the case of bad use environment, it is better to clean once per shift.

When the sealing machine is used, put the products to be shrunk together. After a pass, the film will fall on the items to be packaged, but the effect of the packaging at this time is not very good. After passing the second pass The effect is very good. For example, food and beer are packaged in plastic film, and the appearance of the package is very beautiful. The sealing machine can also be matched with a sterilizing dryer to form a complete set of equipment for packaging dishes and chopsticks.

What I have introduced above is the relevant content of the sealing machine, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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With the improvement of skills, automatic packaging machines have changed the previous packaging methods. The use of automated packaging has accelerated the development of the industry. From the packaging business, automated surgeries are changing the method of actions from the packing procedure and the processing techniques of packing materials and containers.

The packing system which recognizes automatic control may improve production efficiency and product quality, considerably eradicate errors brought on by packing printing and procedures and tagging, efficiently lessen the labour intensity of employees and decrease energy and resource consumption. Therefore, in order to be technically flawless earlier, if you want to create benefits for yourself within the specified time, you must ensure that your automatic shrinking machine runs well during the packaging process and there will be no errors in the production process. To avoid the impact of errors and failures as much as possible, in order to create greater benefits for the enterprise.

The automatic packaging machine is continuously improving in the automated manufacturing industry, and its application range is also expanding.

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