Series of I bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine

This machine is suitable for CD, DVD, bottles, box, food, sandwich, pizza, gift, toys, cosmetics, auto parts, toothpaste, tissues, speaker, hardware, household paper, poker, etc. and similar items It can automatically complete manual folding, carton opening, item packing, batch number printing, and box sealing.

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Fully Auto L-bar sealer shrink wrap machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Model:STF4535L/M+STS4525
  • Packaging Type: Film

STF4535L/M+STS4525 automatic l-type sealer machine is a strong heat shrinkable packaging machine, which can pack 20-30 bags per minute, and can be equipped with adjustable rotors to adapt to various heights.
It uses boosters to transfer the product to the sealed area of the package.



Fully-Auto Vertical L Bar Sealer & Shrink Machine

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Model:STF5545LV/M+STS6040

STF5545LV / M + STS6040 vertical automatic L type  sealer machine is closed, the vertical drive four-column bracket, the vertical drive part is closed, can overcome the conventional closed-type machines l wrinkles and lines are not closed intermediate product problems.
After the machine is turned off, the shrink packaging of the heat shrink packaging machine needs to be completed.



Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Model:STF-20LG/B+STS-4525

STF-20LG/B+STS-4525 semi-automatic l shaped sealing machine requires the operator to put the product in the folded shrink wrap film.
Then, the operator lowers the sealing arm, which is heated to form the final side seal and end seal.
When these systems are used in combination with shrink tunnels, they can provide the best shrink packaging solution, which can pack 15 to 20 packages per minute.


Check out this video on how To Use L type shrink wrap Machine

What is L bar sealer machine?

I bar sealer shrink wrap machine is excellent table top l sealer. It is divided into semi-automatic L-type heat shrink packaging machine and L-type fully automatic heat shrink machine. Among them, the more common type on the market is the L-type full-automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine. The L-type sealing and cutting machine of this component is a power transmission and automatic sealing and cutting operation. After sealing and cutting, the product automatically enters the heat-shrinking system for shrink packaging. The heat shrink machines greatly improves the packaging efficiency and can meet the needs of mass production. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetics, electronic products, toys and other fields.

Feature of L type bar shrink sealer machine:

1. The L-shaped sealing and cutting knife can seal and cut the shrink film packaging at one time.
2. Equipped with imported detection photoelectric, one set of horizontal and vertical detection, easy to switch and choose, for thin and small packaging, it can also easily complete the sealing and packaging operation.
3. The seal is not only neat, but also does not crack.
4. The machine uses the best quality parts in China to effectively ensure the smooth operation of the machine.
5. Don’t worry about the temperature not hurting the product, the sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function, which effectively prevents the package from being cut by mistake.
6. This machine is suitable for all centrefold shrink wrap packing, and can be used for single product or multi-line product packaging.
7. It can be used with a heat gun or shrink wrap tunnel. If you need these two products, please go to the corresponding page.
8. The shrinking chamber adopts a dual-circulation hot air system, and the temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily.
9. Products can be customized according to customer requirements.

Where can I buy L sealer bar sealer machine from China and what is the price?

Tianjin shuntian packaging equipment Co., Ltd specializes in selling all kinds of I bar sealer machine and packaging materials. The main products include: automatic I bar sealer, semi-automatic I bar sealer, manual balers,  filling machines, vacuum packaging machine and design of various automatic assembly lines; production and sales of packaging materials, packaging film and other packaging materials; meanwhile, it is the agent of excellent packaging equipment in Europe and America.

The price is different between material, speed,  customers’ request, we have a  strong team of engineers. If you don’t know what model to choose, please click on the “contact us” page, and we will provide you with the best machine price with the highest ratio.

Why choose shuntian?

Conveyor system:
  Belt: German Sieglin PU conveyor belt
  Motor: Taiwan “SESAME” guarantees smooth transportation
  Detection: US “Bonner” photoelectric sensor is used to accurately and sensitively detect product delivery and stop

recycling system:
  Motor: Taiwan “SESAME” guarantees accurate and uniform recycling of waste
   Induction switch: adopt German “SICK” to accurately control the time of recycling waste

Film feeding system:
  Motor: Taiwan “SESAME” guarantees smooth film delivery
   Induction switch: adopt German “SICK” to accurately control the length of film feeding

Electrical components:
  PLC: Japan Omron
  Contactor: Schneider, France
   Intermediate relay: Japan Omron
   Thermostat: Japan Omron
   Emergency switch: Izumi, Japan

The difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic L-shaped shrink wrap machine

Since the L-shaped shrink wrap machine is easy to use, most POF film shrink packing machines use this type of shrink. The common semi-automatic L-type shrink packing machine and L-type automatic shrink machine are now common. The price of these two shrink wrap machines is much different, and the functions are also different:
Semi-automatic L-shaped shrink wrap machine: Compared with the automatic one, the main sealing and cutting machine is different. The semi-automatic sealing and cutting machine requires people to manually press the cutting knife. Complete sealing and cutting. And people need to put the product on the cutting table of the sealing machine. Before work. This kind of product is mainly used for packaging that the volume is not large, and it is not suitable for packaging with a separate shrinking machine.
Fully automatic L-shaped shrink wrap machine: It is not only equipped with a set of power belt conveyor line, but also equipped with photoelectric detection. After sensing the product, the cutter completes the sealing and cutting action through the cylinder. The whole process does not require labor, and the machine completes it automatically. It is mostly suitable for large-scale production plants and equipped with assembly lines.

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