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Industrial shrink wrap machine – Improve shelf display and promote

In the field of daily chemicals, many products need to be used together, such as shampoos and conditioners, hair dyes and conditioners. Therefore, companies need a very good way of packaging to “bundle” products! At present, the carton is commonly used in the daily chemical market, but with the development of the market, the disadvantages such as high cost, lack of flexibility, and easy deformation have affected the development of the carton in the daily market. In the past one or two years, industrial shrink wrap system has quietly emerged. With the advantages of its product display, low packaging cost and beautiful packaging effect, it has been quickly accepted by Japanese companies.


In addition, according to some Japanese companies, some companies only temporarily promote the promotion of two or more products at a certain stage. Because of the randomness of such promotions, it is not realistic to use carton packaging. With industrial shrink wrap system, companies can mix several promotional products at any time according to the actual situation, and put them into the shrinking furnace for simple operation, which brings great convenience to the enterprise and guarantees unnecessary losses. Therefore, from the perspective of industry product characteristics and market demand, industrial shrink wrap machine will continue to play an important role in the outer packaging of daily chemical products.

At the same time, the daily chemical company can select the appropriate packaging film according to the characteristics of the product, effectively control the cost and improve the packaging quality. There are many kinds of shrink wrap film materials, including PE, PVC, POF, etc. At present, most of the daily chemical companies use PVC and POF.

Beer companies: color film heat shrink packaging to enhance product quality and promote sales

heat gun for shrink wrapSHUNTIAN
POF shrink filmSHUNTIAN

There are two main reasons for its use: 1. Diversify the packaging form and facilitate the promotion; 2. The heat shrink packaging has flexibility for different specifications, especially small-sized product bundle packaging. Small-size bundle beer packaging is more flexible and easier to carry, so it is increasingly favoured by consumers. As the market demands for small-sized cluster beer packaging increases, automatic wrapping machine will have more room for development. Moreover, the current colour heat shrinkable film has been highly valued by beer companies, and some beer companies have adopted this type of shrink film, which has improved product quality and promoted sales. Relevant responsible person believes that colour film heat shrink packaging will be the best choice for display. Under this demand, industrial shrink wrap machine with colour film shrinkage system for colour shrink film will become the development prospect in the beer industry. One of the best packaging equipment.

Beverage companies: industrial shrink wrap machine needs to be more flexible and personalized

As consumer spending habits change, the specifications of heat shrinkage have also changed a lot, from 2 bottles shrinking to 12 bottles and 24 bottles. Therefore, beverage companies need to be able to meet the industrial shrink wrap machine of different specifications, and if It is the most desirable for beverage companies to add handles to different sizes of heat shrinkable packaging to facilitate consumer carrying. Flexible equipment and equipment that can provide individual packaging are the future development trend of heat shrink packaging technology. (We will specifically ask the Italian representative office of SMI in China for this issue to introduce in the following article: “Improvement and Diversification Trends in Shrink Packaging.”)

Dairy companies: industrial shrink wrap machine flexibility needs to be improved

Under the pressure of huge market competition, dairy companies are trying to use various means to improve the competitiveness and market share of products. Promotional means is a common one. If the original product packaging of 8 cups is changed to the “buy eight, get two” promotion form, the industrial shrink wrap machine will expose some weaknesses: most of the shrink packing machines are not very flexible, not very good. In order to meet the needs of dairy companies, enterprises can only use the tape on the spot to entangle the promotional products on the packaging box of 8 cups of products, which seriously affects the aesthetics of the products and reduces the packaging quality. Therefore, in order to have more room for development, the industrial shrink wrap machine must solve the need of users to have good flexibility as soon as possible! Through our investigation, it is not difficult to find that end-user enterprises in various industries have high hopes for reducing the packaging cost and promoting sales of heat shrink packaging equipment. I believe that with the continuous development of industrial shrink wrap system technology, there will be more in the market. More products in this form of packaging appear, and more flexible and efficient heat shrink packaging technology will become the biggest expectation of end-user enterprises for industrial shrink wrap machine in the future!