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    It is imperative to implement environmentally friendly packaging

    In today’s society, the heat shrink packaging machine has been widely used in many fields, such as the beverage industry, dairy industry, beer industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc., and brought good benefits, whether in the  promotional packaging of the product, or the packaging and transportation of the product, has played a very good effect. Along with the rapid development of China’s economy, the market share of heat shrink wrap machines is gradually increasing, and more and more areas have appeared in the form of heat shrink packaging machines.


    However, for the current green environmental protection situation, packaging equipment must be transformed in a timely manner. Domestic attention to environmentally friendly living production has kept pace with the times. In recent years, China has successively issued a number of related policies and standards to promote the transformation and upgrading of high-pollution and energy-intensive enterprises and manufacturing equipment. As an important member of the heat shrink packaging machine, the packaging materials and production processes are all green in the market, and the shrink wrapping machine must also develop in the direction of green, energy saving and environmental protection. Work in the present, standing in the ages. Only by grasping the development trend of the industry, keeping pace with the times, and actively researching and developing new environmentally-friendly heat shrink packaging machine equipment, enterprises can gain a foothold in the industry and achieve long-term development.

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