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l bar sealer troubleshooting – Shuntian

How to solve l bar sealer troubleshooting

When using i bar sealer, it is inevitable that there will be I bar searer troubleshooting, so how to solve it?

There are usually two kinds about I bar sealer troubleshooting.

First, when the power is opened, there is no heating process. So, for this phenomenon, it has the following possibilities.

1,It is about this heating switch that it may be damaged. You only need to regulate the switch to re-enable the machine to operate.
2,It is the indoor circuit line aging, you need to exchange related connection wires. Further, it is that the electric heating line is not physically or damaged by electric heating tubes, as well as the temperature control panel damage. Once there is no heating process, you only need to rule out according to these faults, then find the specific reason.

Second, the I bar sealer’s transport network does not turn, this possibility is the following.

1,may be that the conveyed switch has aging damage.
2,maybe I bar Sealer adjust the aging of the control board, and it may be that the locator is broken. These few kinds of you only need to investigate.
3,there is another possibility that about the conveying mechanism, you need to check, remove the root of the fault, depending on these possible error, according to these possible error, can be restored to the machine.

Third, wrinkles

1,The shrinkage temperature is insufficient.
Workaround: Adjust the temperature (upper end wrinkles, adjust the heating temperature, reverse the heating temperature); if the temperature is high, try slowly the speed of the belt, let the product take a longer time in the contracting tunnel Children will improve the effect of shrinkage.
2,Is it not a problem that the problem of the heat shrink film is still unable to solve the problem.
If the contraction ratio is small, if the flexibility is insufficient, it can only be changed.
3,If there is still more than the above solution, it is to say that the machine is old, or the machine belongs to the unqualified product, the heat bake temperature is uneven, and the hot air flow rate is too small. Replace it into a good quality i bar Sealer.

I bar searer will have a wrinkle in the use of more or less, so that the effect of the expected package will affect the normal production of production and processing. If I bar sealer has such a situation, customers do not need to be too anxious, contact after-sales service, and after-sales service will provide solutions.

Fourth, the film is easily offset when the packaging is produced.

This will make I bar searler to heat shrink packaging for items, then adjust the film volume position and tension balance rod, and if both are invalid, it can be resolved by adjusting the angle of the upper triangle. If the upper film is deviated from the jacket chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted in a clockwise direction; the lower film is deviated from the jaw chain, and the upper triangular plate can be adjusted in the counterclockwise direction. This will solve this problem.

The above is about solution of I bar sealer troubleshooting , please contact us if there are more questions.

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