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    Main theme of intelligent shrink packing machine

    The music has the main theme, the shrink packing machine also has the main theme and its main theme is just as wonderful and wonderful. In intelligent shrink packing machine, programmable control (PLC) is the control core of the entire machine. It can determine the positioning and speed of the packaging machine, and can improve the positioning accuracy, make the entire system reliable and stable, and meet the packaging needs of various industries. No doubt, programmable control is the main theme of the entire intelligent packaging machine.

    POF-stretch filmSHUNTIAN

    At present, many packaging machinery companies are developing and producing intelligent packaging machines to make them like point-and-shoot cameras. In the intelligent packaging machine, the programmable control not only can accurately process various signals and data during the operation of the equipment, but its performance also determines the quality of the packaging machine, and its importance can be seen from it. The programmable control has three high-speed AB phase counts and two high-speed pulse outputs. It has powerful floating-point arithmetic functions and a rich peripheral instruction set. The human-machine interface uses a system with 16 gray-scale displays and high-speed hardware structure. Realize online or offline simulation and present the user with a programmable and truly convenient input interface. The automation level of some intelligent packaging machines is almost at the level that can not be added. The user only needs to set a few parameters and press the button to complete all the scheduled tasks automatically. Intelligent packaging machines not only improve the production efficiency of enterprises, but also increase the utilization rate of equipment.

    Who wouldn’t buy an automated machine? And who doesn’t want to increase productivity while saving costs? Therefore, this intelligent shrink packing machine will also become the main theme of the packaging machine industry in the future.

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