Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

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  • Pallet Stretch Wrap


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In order to meet the packaging requirements of cargo containerized storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations, the tray type, press top type, thick drawing type and pre-drawing type automatic film winding series are designed and manufactured. It is widely used in the assembly cost of foreign trade export, food and beverage, system, paper, fuel, plastic chemical, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings, etc., to improve production efficiency, and to prevent damage during the handling of goods, and to prevent dust, Moisture and cleaning.

Features of automatic pallet wrap machine

  • 1, Suitable for fast transportation or storage;
  • 2, Adaptability, high efficiency and low consumption, reduce labour intensity;
  • 3, It can play the role of dustproof, moisture proof and cleaning for the package;
  • 4, Reduce the surface scratch of the package, improve the surface quality, and make the package more firm.

Video of pallet stretch wrap machine

How to use stretch film machine?

The working mode of the pallet winding machine is as follows. First, place the wound object in the middle of the turntable, and then start the motor to make the turntable rotate at a constant speed, and the object is surrounded by the winding film.

Meanwhile, the elevator motor is activated, which will drive the entire assembly of the binding machine to move up and down, so that the object can be wound in the height direction, thus realizing the wrapping of the entire outer surface of the package. There are many advantages, which facilitate the storage of goods and the requirements of mechanized loading and unloading, and effectively prevent the damage to goods during the loading and unloading process, reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.

During the winding process of the stretch film, it is very critical to adjust the tension and penetration of the film, which is related to the speed of the turntable and the speed of the motor. If the turntable speed is less than the motor speed, the film will become loose, and vice versa.

Packing sizeMax Pallet size1510×2500 mm (LWH)
Max packing height 2100 mm
Max packing Weight2000 KG
Diameter of platform1500 mm
Weight of machine650 kg
Electrical source220/380V 50HZ
Main performance parameterspre-stretch rate300%
film specificationDiameter 200 mm/10KG/500 mm /width 23mic thickness
/300% stretch rate
automatic typeautomatic
Control systemControl systemSIEMENS system
operate pannelSIEMENS Touch screen

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