Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

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  • Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine


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Use of stretch wrapping machine:

It is mainly used in industries such as chemicals, machinery, and medicine with large production volumes, or in airports and bus stations with high logistics efficiency. It can customize different packaging systems according to the volume or weight of the items, and automatically complete the packaging operations.

It has a wide range of applications. According to the shape and characteristics of different products, it can design and produce corresponding and suitable pallet wrapper machines.

Features of automatic pallet wrap machine

  • 1, Suitable for fast transportation or storage;
  • 2, Adaptability, high efficiency and low consumption, reduce labour intensity;
  • 3, It can play the role of dustproof, moisture proof and cleaning for the package;
  • 4, Reduce the surface scratch of the package, improve the surface quality, and make the package more firm.

Video of pallet stretch wrap machine

How to use stretch film machine?

1. Place the goods on the pallet wrapping machine, manually apply the stretch film (new film), and fix the stretch film on the pallet clamp.
2. Then press the start button. At this time, the turntable of the film wrapping machine starts to wrap the film according to the established procedure. At the same time, the film machine starts to pull the top film to the packaging position and wait.
3. After the cargo height sensing photoelectric sensor detects the cargo height, the equipment starts to pause to the origin position, the topping machine releases the film clamping, and the topping film falls to the topping position.
4. After the film is released, the topping machine returns to the original position, and the wrapping machine starts winding from the top according to the established procedure.
5. After wrapping, the machine automatically stops, the equipment is at the original position, the machine automatically breaks the film, strokes, clamps, and unloads.
6. Complete a packaging process and wait for the next packaged goods to be packaged.

Safety for pallet stretch wrap machine

1.All equipment driving devices are placed outside the working range of the forklift, and they are arranged in a safe and reasonable operation;
2.The whole set of equipment shall formulate safe operation procedures and inspection, lubrication, maintenance and other systems according to its performance and operation sequence, etc., and follow it with the operator;
3.The electrical installations of mechanical equipment meet the requirements of electrical safety; power lines and data lines are separately protected to prevent signal interference; all line bridges and trunking connections are bridged; all rotation and transmission parts must be protected, and there is no entanglement, Twisted and tripped parts;
4.According to relevant safety requirements, mechanical equipment shall be equipped with reasonable, reliable safety devices that do not affect operation;

Packing sizeMax Pallet size1510×2500 mm (LWH)
Max packing height 2100 mm
Max packing Weight2000 KG
Diameter of platform1500 mm
Weight of machine650 kg
Electrical source220/380V 50HZ
Main performance parameterspre-stretch rate300%
film specificationDiameter 200 mm/10KG/500 mm /width 23mic thickness
/300% stretch rate
automatic typeautomatic
Control systemControl systemSIEMENS system
operate pannelSIEMENS Touch screen

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