Premade pouch packing machine VS form fill seal machine?

We ofter hear packing machine manufacturer introduce premade pouch packing machine and form fill seal machine, but do you know what is the difference between then?

1. Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Premade pouch packing machine generally refers to the customer’s already formed bags. Premade pouch automatic packaging machine usually consists of two parts: a bag feeding machine and a weighing machine. The weighing machine can pack powders, liquids, etc. The working principle of this machine is to use the manipulator to take the user’s premade pouch, open the bag, cover, seal, fill, code, etc., to realize the automatic packaging of the premade pouch. Its characteristic is that the manipulator replaces manual bagging, which can effectively reduce bacterial pollution and improve the level of automation. It is suitable for automatic packaging of shampoo, shower gel, medicine and other products. Its disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. Generally suitable for large-scale automated production.

2. Form Fill Seal Machine

In the form fill seal machine, roll film is placed on the equipment instead of bags. The bag is made by the bag maker on the equipment, usually with three-side seal or four-side seal and back seal.

The form fill seal machine usually consists of two parts: a bag making machine and a weighing machine. The weighing machine can pack powder, liquid, granules, etc. This machine is an automatic packaging equipment that directly makes packaging films into bags, and completes metering, filling, coding, and cutting during the bag making process. The packaging materials are usually plastic composite film, aluminum platinum composite film, paper bag composite film, etc. , Suitable for automatic packaging of food, water, curry and other products.

Compared with premade pouch packing machine, the price is lower, but the bag type is relatively single. The form fill seal machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. Assembled production and packaging, 2. Product peripheral packaging equipment. Filling machines are mainly a small class of products in packaging machines. From the perspective of packaging materials, they can be divided into liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines, and granular filling machines; from the degree of automation of production It is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling production line.

Compared with premade pouch, the two can do more abundantly, but it is a bit more troublesome than form fill seal machine.

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