16 oz coffee bags with one-way degassing valve

Application:The 16 oz coffee bags  is used for coffee powder, coffee bean. It has one-way degassing valve.This is very important for roasting coffee. Because roasted coffee will produce carbon dioxide, it will flatulence in the bag. The function of the exhaust valve is to remove the carbon dioxide from the bag to prevent bursting; and to prevent the air from entering the bag to ensure the freshness of the coffee.

stand up bags with one-way degassing valve

16 oz stand up pouch coffee bags with one-way degassing valve

  • Zipper or not:Zipper
  • Tear Notch:Yes
  • Features:Resealable
  • MOQ:10000 pcs
  • Material Structure:PET/VMPET/PE,OPP/VMPET/PE,PET/AL/PE

16 oz flat bottom kraft coffee bags with valve

  • Item Weight: 16 oz
  • Material:kraft
  • Color:Brown
  • Closure Type:zipper or tin tie
  • Package Dimensions: 12.13 x 8.07 x 3.82 inches
flat bottom kraft pouch with valve
coffee gusset bag with valve

16 oz gusset coffee bags

  • Surface Finishing: Gloss/Matt
  • Is It Laminated:Laminated
  • Printing Technique:Rotogravure
  • Condition:new
  • Usage/Application: coffee


How many kilograms are in 16 oz coffee bag?

kilogram gram lb oz
1 1000 2.2046 28.3495
0.001 1 0.0022 0.03527
0.4536 453.59 1 16
0.02835 28.35 0.0625 1
0.3732 373.24 0.82286 13.1657
0.0311 31.1 0.06857 1.0971
0.05 50 0.1102 1.76368

From the chart above, we can calculate 16 oz coffee bag is 453.59237 g.

How to open the coffee bag?

Open directly. If you don’t have other sealing tools, the opening should not be too big for easy sealing. If there is an airtight jar, open it and pour it into the airtight jar, store it in a dark and cool place, and use it as soon as possible.

How many cups of coffee in 16 oz bag?

12 cups at a 16 oz cup of coffee

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