Metallic Clear And Silver Aluminized Stand Up Zipper Pouch

Metallic clear and silver aluminized stand up zipper pouch
  • Zipper or not:Zipper
  • Tear Notch:Yes
  • Features:Resealable
  • MOQ:10000 pcs
  • Material Structure:BOPP/PET/PE
  • Surface Handling:Gravure printing
  • Custom Order:Yes

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Why put some desiccant to the clear zipper bag?

Generally, a desiccant (quick lime) is often put in some food packaging bags to prevent the food from getting damp. Desiccant is also called absorbent. It is used to prevent moisture and mildew. It has a drying effect. According to different adsorption methods and reaction products, it is divided into physical adsorption and drying.

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