5 types of food packaging machines that dominate the market

In the past few years, China’s food packaging industry has developed rapidly, and its development speed has far exceeded that of other machinery industries. According to industry experts, in the near future, in order to meet the rapid development of China’s food packaging industry, there will be 5 types of food packaging machinery to dominate the domestic packaging machine industry market:

1.Double automatic pillow packing machine. At present, there are nearly 50 domestic manufacturers of such machinery, with an annual output of 20 million units. The equipment is a packaging machine integrating bag making, filling and sealing. Its development trend is modular structure, high efficiency, high stability, simple transmission machinery used, and it is controlled by adaptive closed loop.

2.Automatic powder pouch packing machine. The production and manufacturing of the packaging machine has already begun to take shape. For the development trend of such products, one is to continuously improve the performance of the product, thereby effectively improving the yield and material reuse rate, and the other is to improve the product technology to develop Equipment with high efficiency, high stability and high degree of automation.

3.Case sealer machine. In the past ten years, China’s carton packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly, and its product range from carton packaging machines, carton sealing machines to carton coding machines and other varieties and series will surely develop towards high-speed complete equipment in the future The second is a complete set of fully automatic sealing box equipment.

4.Granule Pouch Packing Machine. The current production scale of China’s agricultural product processing equipment is still relatively small, and the price of processing equipment is relatively high. In the future, the production of automatic particle packaging machines should reduce production costs, improve heating methods, reduce power consumption costs, and increase technical research in terms of output.

5.China shrink wrap machine. Many of the machinery manufacturing enterprises in China that produce vacuum packaging machines are mainly assembly-based. Few can independently innovate and produce mechanical equipment from parts to finished products. The main types of business are mainly semi-automatic operations, fully automatic continuous, large vacuum There are few vacuum packaging machines suitable for liquid packaging, and there is no efficient and special packaging machine in China.