aluminum trays L type pack machine plus shrink tunel


Introducing L bar shrink wrap machine that is made with high quality components and the finest workmanship. Our customers can avail this shrink wrapping machine at a reasonable price.


Fully Auto L-bar sealer shrink wrap machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Model:STF4535L/M+STS4525
  • Packaging Type: Film

STF4535L/M+STS4525 automatic l-type sealer machine is a strong heat shrinkable packaging machine, which can pack 20-30 bags per minute, and can be equipped with adjustable rotors to adapt to various heights.
It uses boosters to transfer the product to the sealed area of the package.



Fully-Auto Vertical L Bar Sealer & Shrink Machine

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Model:STF5545LV/M+STS6040

STF5545LV / M + STS6040 vertical automatic L type  sealer machine is closed, the vertical drive four-column bracket, the vertical drive part is closed, can overcome the conventional closed-type machines l wrinkles and lines are not closed intermediate product problems.
After the machine is turned off, the shrink packaging of the heat shrink packaging machine needs to be completed.



Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Model:STF-20LG/B+STS-4525

STF-20LG/B+STS-4525 semi-automatic l shaped sealing machine requires the operator to put the product in the folded shrink wrap film.
Then, the operator lowers the sealing arm, which is heated to form the final side seal and end seal.
When these systems are used in combination with shrink tunnels, they can provide the best shrink packaging solution, which can pack 15 to 20 packages per minute.


Check out this video on How To Use Bottle Shrink Packing Machine

Video For Sleeve Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

Video For Aluminum Trays Shrink Wrap Machine

Video For Single Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

The L bar shrink wrap machine can shrink and seal the products in small quantity.  The L bar sealer has the functions of sealing and cutting, which will be finished shrink wrapping after conveyance. Equipped with built-in shrink tunnel, it is able to reach high working capacity.

L sealing Machine  is suitable for shrink packing both single object and combined objects. The machine is suitable for shrink packaging products with a high requirement on seal quality. It”s suitable for all kinds of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP, PE etc. Suitable for packaging many industries like printing, pharmacy, flooring, chinaware and beer etc

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Our mission is to bring a complete solution to food preservation by providing affordable and innovative packaging products to the market place.

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