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honey stick bag packing and filling machine

The commercial honey straw sachet filling machine is one type of stick packing machine. The honey pouch machine is not only fast in speed, but also stable in operation, which is especially suitable for honey, dipping sauce and silky crystalline paste, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, garlic chili sauce, spicy beef sauce, peanut sauce, tomato sauce.

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Multi line honey stick package

Single line honey stick package

Features for commercial honey straw pouch filling and packing machine

The honey stick packaging machine adopts three pairs of special drum-type sealing devices, and the sealing pattern adopts continuous checkerboard pattern home leak-proof line method (or line pattern method).

The whole honey stick filler includes: bag making, longitudinal sealing, filling, transverse sealing, transverse strengthening sealing, double easy-tear incision making, cutting, printing and other main processes.

The motor separately drives the vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, and cold horizontal sealing rollers, without chain transmission, which changes the inconvenience of manual adjustment of the third stage cold horizontal sealing in the current market.

The feeding device will be selected according to the physical condition of the hot-filled materials, including a magnetic pump (M) for liquid filling and sealing, a Haiba pump (H) for homogeneous sticky body filling, and a piston pump (P) for paste filling. Screw device for powder filling (O).

The cutting knife can use one of three methods: flat knife, sawtooth, and dot and dash, and the dot and dash knife is used to separate the bags between the two bags.

Applicable product packaging:
Pesticides: emulsifiable concentrates, liquids, microemulsions, additives, suspending agents, etc.
Food category: seasoning sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, honey, etc.
Daily chemicals: lotion, cream, etc.

Related technical parameters:


Sealing form for honey sachet bag:

Back seal/Three side seal

Packing speed 20-50 packs/min 20-50 packs/min
Maximum bag size 150mm*200mm 200mm*280mm
Measuring range 100-500ml 100-800ml
Power supply 220V 220V
Weight 350kg 400kg
Product specifications: 760mm*900mm*1850mm 1100mm*900mm*2000mm

The pouch honey packaging machine  has been favored by many honey manufacturers since its launch. If you have a demand for a honey packaging machine, please contact our company. We have a professional sales customer service to plan and select the type for you. 0086 13920077206

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that affect the efficiency of the honey sachet liquid packing machine?

There are many factors that affect the efficiency of honey sachet liquid packing machine, among which high temperature and humidity are the main factors.

Many parts of the honey pack packing machine are all made of metal composite materials, and some failures are inevitable. In order to avoid the use problems of these sauce packing machines, we need to choose as much as possible the filling machine that has been sealed and has the corresponding anti-corrosion ability.

The daily use of the honey sticks packaging machine requires regular maintenance of the equipment, checking the lubricating fluid of the equipment, whether there is corrosion and rust and other problems, all of which are part of the maintenance of the filling machine. If the user is far from mastering the machinery and equipment, please do not arbitrarily conduct equipment maintenance.

Everyone needs to check the operation of the honey stick bag packing machine from time to time. If there is noise or the operation is unstable, it is necessary to maintain the machine and equipment in time, and check whether the equipment power distribution line, parts and accessories fall off and whether the machine equipment is clean.

Due to some objective factors, the packing machine should be left unused for a long time. It is necessary to completely remove the residues inside the honey stick making machine, perform anti-rust treatment on the honey sticks machine, and cover the machine equipment with a moisture-proof cloth.

At present, there are many types of filling machines, and the types of filling materials and use efficiency are different. The actual filling and use are helpful to the selection of the packaging machine.

How to operate the honey stick packs packaging machine

1. Install the consumables: put the wrapping paper on the support rod, connect it to the former, and test whether the honey stick filling machine is normal.
2. Connect the organ: connect the honey stick bag machine, and the power supply is preferably connected to the wall socket.
3. Set the panel parameters: set the honey bag length and temperature parameters and the quantitative capacity of the filling machine.
4. Place the material: put the material in the liquid container and press start.
5. Automatic packaging: the honey stick filler machine automatically measures, blanks, and seals and packs in one time.

How to choose honey stick filling packing machine?

For materials such as honey that are viscous and easy to crystallize, it is recommended to use a non-drawing pouch honey stick bag packing and filling machine. The characteristics of this honey sachet packaging machine are high speed and stable operation.

It also has a double-layer insulation barrel, no matter what the season or the temperature. It can ensure the concentration and purity of the honey, and it also has a suction device to make the small bag of honey that does not contain materials and leaks.

This is a three-pair roller vertical packaging machine designed for automatic packaging of uniform viscous and paste materials such as shampoo, honey, syrup, etc.

It has fast packaging speed, flat bag shape, exquisite and beautiful appearance, and adopts advanced PLC plus photoelectric control system. It can be packaged with three-side sealing or four-side sealing.

What kind of material should I use to pack honey in a bag?

The following are the characteristics of various materials suitable for sachet packaging:

1. PE is suitable for low temperature use, and RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking;

2. PA is to increase physical strength and puncture resistance;

3. AL aluminum foil is to increase barrier performance and shading ;

4. PET, increase the mechanical strength, excellent stiffness. Then according to the needs, combination, various properties, there are also transparent, in order to increase the barrier performance, use the water-resistant PVA high barrier coating.

What kind of honey is in honey sticks?

Jujube honey, sesame honey, wolfberry honey, rose honey, sweet-scented osmanthus honey, and all honey that can improve taste or increase efficacy can be made into honey sticks.

Customers say

We have used products from other suppliers and doesn’t work as well. Also we had a problem in the past, as we ordered a wrong product. We have a perfect solution from SHUNTIAN, we are very pleased with their service.

Andrea Adams2021.09.10 Ukraine

This was an excellent choice. After receiving the honey stick fillling sealer i was very impressed with how it works, i am amazed at how well it does its job, so much better than the clamp and seals style I’ve had for years. Definitely a great buy.

Wayne Buck2021.06.18 Saudi Arabia

The honey stick machine is well constructed and looks impressive, The user manual is basic a video for the setup parameter would be helpful and or more setup detail in the user manual.

Marcia Harte2020.12.03 Singapore

professional manufactory of packing machine,filling machine, sealing machine.

Zenobia Lincoln2020.10.09

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