Automatic Controlled Flow Pillow Biscuit Sugar Packing Machine Single

Our flow wrap machines are perfectly suited for the packaging of food items. From wrapped products such as chocolate, biscuits and baked goods, bars to frozen food and solid goods such as detergent tabs – our systems can easily accommodate various types of packages.

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Clay Packaging Machine

Cutlery Packaging Machine

Model STF-4535L/M STS-4525 STS-5030LS
Power 2kw 220V 10kw 380V 16kw 380V
Packaging size W+H≤430mm;H≤110mm L500*W400*H200mm L1200*W450*H300mm
Sealing/Tunnel size L550*W450mm L1000*W450*H250mm L1500*W500*H300mm
Packaging Speed 1-25ppm 20-40ppm 20-60ppm
Max current 10A 30A 32A
Machine Size L1830*W850*H1550mm L1300*W715*H1455mm L2000*W1100*H1250mm
Weight 250kg 185kg 650kg

Your packaging should complement your product. Our flow wrap machines offer more than just an appealing appearance – they also pack your products in a convenient way that saves you time and money. From our entry-level, semi-automated packaging machines with an output of 80 packages per minute right through to fully automated systems and seamless integration, we have the right solution for every situation.

The horizontal flow wrapper is a cost-effective and easy to use machine that performs the three most important steps of any packaging operation – infeeding and spacing your products, wrapping them in film, and sealing them for final dispensing. With a streamline design, fast set-up times and repeatable performance, horizontal wrappers are the ideal solution for a variety of applications such as processing small bottles, tubes and cans of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food items.

sample of packaging

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