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Application of horizontal cartoning machine

A horizontal cartoning machine can be widely used in various industries and fields, especially in production lines that require automated cartoning and packaging. Here are some application areas of a horizontal cartoning machine:

Food industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of food products such as potato chips, biscuits, chocolate, candy, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of drugs, health products, etc.
Cosmetics industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of cosmetics, perfumes, etc.
Electronics industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
Toy industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of various toys.
Daily necessities industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of daily necessities such as towels, tissues, toothbrushes, etc.
Clothing industry: suitable for the packaging and cartoning of clothing, shoes, etc.

In summary, a horizontal cartoning machine is suitable for various industries and fields that require large quantities, high efficiency, and automation of packaging and cartoning needs.

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Performance for Horizontal Cartoning Machine

The horizontal automatic cartoning machine is integrated with electromechanical, pneumatic and optical. The working process is product transfer, automatic carton forming and transferring, loading products into cartons and automatically completing the complicated encapsulation process such as punching batch numbers and sealing at both ends. (Hot melt glue machine can be added)

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  1. PLC automatic control, frequency conversion speed control, and electrical components are used by internationally famous electrical brands.

2. Adopt HMI touch screen.

3. Automatic display of fault, cartoning speed and finished product count.

4. Automatic detection of leakage and rejection of products.

5. Stable performance, easy to operate and understand.

6. When there is no product or the product supply is insufficient, the machine will be idle, once the product supply resumes, the machine will run automatically; when the product is not in the container, the machine will also stop automatically.

7. If there is no carton, the machine will stop running automatically.

8. It is very convenient to replace products with different specifications.

9. The main transmission device has an overload protection device.

10. This machine can be used independently or connected with other machines.

automatic horizontal cartoning machine

2.Technical data

Item Data
Speed 20-60box/minute
Box Request 300-350g/㎡
Dimension(L×W×H) Length:90-320mmWidth:50-190mm Height:20-90mm
Air Working pressure 0.5-0.7mpa
air consumption 120-160L/min
Voltage 380/220V  50HZ
Power 1.5kw
Machine size(L×W×H) 4150mm×1350mm×1800mm
Machine weight 2000kg

3.Configuration List

NO. Name Model Quantity Brand
1 Main motor 1.5KW/380 1 China Libang
2 High precision splitter GJC-83-4L-150 1 China
3 Three-phase protector XJ3-G 1 China Delixi
4 AC CJX2-1810 1 China Chint
5 Air switch NXB-63 1 China Chint
6 Emergency stop button ZB2-BE102C 1 China Chint
7 Power switch PMC-24V050W1AA 1 Taiwan Delta
8 Touch screen DOP-107BV 1 Taiwan Delta
9 PLC DVP-12SA2 1 Taiwan Delta
10 PLC D/A Module DVP-16SP 1 Taiwan Delta
11 Inverter VFD7A5MS21ANSAA 1 Taiwan Delta
12 Optical GTE6-N1212 1051784 5 Germany SICK
13 Square Proximity Switches TL-Q5MC1-Z 1 Japan Omron
14 Cylindrical Proximity Switches LJ12A3-4-Z/BX 1 Wenzhou Xinou
15 Solenoid valve 4V21008B 2 Taiwan Yadec
16 Solenoid Valve VQ21A1-5G-C8-F 2 Japan SMC
17 Vacuum valve ZH20DSA-03-04-04 2 Japan SMC
18 Encoder E6B2-CWZ6C 1 Japan Omron
19 Filter pressure reducing valve GFR300-100 1 Taiwan Atech
20 Movable guides HIWIN 1 Taiwan Hiwin
21 Suction cups ZP32 CU 1 Japan SMC

 4.Hot melt glue machine

Hot melt glue machine

5.Hot melt glue machine data

Model OSD-106A
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Power 2000W
Storage capacity 5kg
melting speed 5kg/hour
Use Viscosity 1000-20000CPS
Operation temp ≤250 degree
Machine weight 45Kg
Machine size 780*360*570mm
Number of connectable hoses 1 or 2

6.Horizontal cartoming machine drawing

horizontal cartoning machine drawing

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