multi line granular packing machine

Automatic multi lane sachet pouch granular packing machine

  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

This granule stick machine is suitable for automatic packaging of good fluidity, non-sticky, scattered, granule material, such as solid beverages, coffee, Chinese medicine granules, pepper, sugar and various pharmaceutical granules.

Model HY-K8
Maximum package width 900 mm
Vertical lines number 4-15 lines, the specific number of lines, determined according to the bag width
Packing speed N *(20 -45) bag/min
Bag length 80-180 mm The bag length of this machine 120 m
Bag width 20-50 mm; The bag width of this machine 30 m
Filling range 1-50ml: The capacity of machine:10g
Sealing methods Pillow sealing
Power 380V 50Hz 8KW
Compressor 0.8Mpa
Packing material 0.07-0.08 mm, outer diameter less than 300 mm, inner diameter 75 mm
Dimension 1950*1950*3150 mm
Weight 1760 kg

liquid pouch packing

Automatic multi lane sachet pouch granular packing machine

Features for multi lane sachet stick granular packing machine:

1.A multiline granule sacheting machine is an ideal choice for packing loose products.
2.Its high-precision sealing and a compact structure make it easy to maintain and operate.
3.The stick packaging machine is equipped with a hot stamp imprinting machine, stirring mechanism, and an easy-tearing cutter.
4.Its features include multiple lines and a reversible hopper.
5.The multiline granule sacheting machine has a high degree of automation.
6.It can finish packing at a time without changing mould.
7.It also features a step-less length adjustment without changing the sealing mould.
8.The machine is designed for high-speed production and has a man-machine interface.
9.The main features of this multiline granule sachetting machine are its high-efficiency and high speed.


The multiline granule sachetting machine is used for sealing and filling granules. This type of granule sachet packing system is very reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. It is a great choice for pharmaceuticals and other granular products.

A multiline granule sacheting machine can also be used for a variety of products. It is ideal for ultra-fine Chinese medicine powder, meal replacement powder, and other powdery materials.

This type of machine is made of stainless steel and aluminium parts and has an automatic port and back sealing system. It also has an alarm system that can provide different levels of protection for the packaging film.

A multiline granule sacheting machine is an ideal choice for pharmaceuticals. Its automatic functions include filling, sealing, and bag-making. The machine also incorporates a color control system and an intelligent temperature control system.

Its stainless steel cabinet ensures durability and low noise. Its superior performance and reliability make it a popular choice for pharmacies. Once you have installed a single line, you can then move on to the next.

The multiline granule sacheting machine is an efficient and economical choice for packaging a variety of different materials. It can pack irregularly shaped sachets and is suitable for daily chemical industry. This machine can be configured to accommodate different material types.

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