Automatic popcorn packaging machines for sale

Popcorn packaging machines can be packaged: potato chips, crispy corners, shrimp chips, crispy rice, steamed buns, popcorn and other puffed foods.This popcorn packaging machine for sale is an inevitable choice for small retail sellers. It has automatic and efficient filling and sealing functions.

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FL type vertical granule packing machine

We supply 2 types of popcorn packaging machines, they are vertical weighting and filling popcorn machine, premade pouch popcorn packaging machine.You can send your requirements and we recommend suitable machines for you.

Shuntian machinery and equipment, ten years of experience in automatic pouch packaging machines, film packaging machines, factory direct sales. Automatic weighing and packaging and sealing, saving time and labor, 90 packs/min.

all kinds of weighting materials

Technical Parameters for popcorn packaging machine:

Film width: 400mm
Bag length: 80-310mm
Bag width: 50-210mm
Packing speed: 190-810 bags/min
Measuring range: 10-1500ml
Film thickness: 0.04-0.12mm
Remarks: Nitrogen can be used to increase the shelf life of popcorn

sample of packaging

Technical features for popcorn packaging machines:
1. Fully automated operation, integrated packaging process, more efficient and simple;
2. The electrical accessories use well-known brands at home and abroad, with long life and high stability;
3. The mechanical parts are of top quality, low loss and durable;
4. The structure of the film is simple, and it has the function of automatic correction;
5. Using advanced software, simple operation, high degree of customization, with high-quality hardware, work more efficiently.

We solemnly promise: the contact parts of the equipment and materials are made of 304 stainless steel or food-grade plastic, please rest assured to use

You can choose from two different popcorn packaging machines according to the required size, capacity and function. We can provide OEM customized services. There are also discounts for large purchases. Our products have passed the CE certification.

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