Automatic popcorn packaging machines for sale

Popcorn packaging machines can be packaged: potato chips, crispy corners, shrimp chips, crispy rice, steamed buns, popcorn and other puffed foods.This popcorn packaging machine for sale is an inevitable choice for small retail sellers. It has automatic and efficient filling and sealing functions.

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We supply 2 types of popcorn packaging machines, they are vertical weighting and filling popcorn machine, premade pouch popcorn packaging machine.You can send your requirements and we recommend suitable machines for you.

Shuntian machinery and equipment, ten years of experience in automatic pouch packaging machines, film packaging machines, factory direct sales. Automatic weighing and packaging and sealing, saving time and labor, 90 packs/min.

all kinds of weighting materials

Technical Parameters for popcorn packaging machine:

Film width: 400mm
Bag length: 80-310mm
Bag width: 50-210mm
Packing speed: 190-810 bags/min
Measuring range: 10-1500ml
Film thickness: 0.04-0.12mm
Remarks: Nitrogen can be used to increase the shelf life of popcorn

sample of packaging

Technical features for popcorn packaging machines:

1. Fully automated operation, integrated packaging process, more efficient and simple;
2. The electrical accessories use well-known brands at home and abroad, with long life and high stability;
3. The mechanical parts are of top quality, low loss and durable;
4. The structure of the film is simple, and it has the function of automatic correction;
5. Using advanced software, simple operation, high degree of customization, with high-quality hardware, work more efficiently.

A popcorn packing machine is one of the most efficient and versatile packaging machines available. Its design and construction is reasonable and simple. These machines can be used to pack and store popcorn, distribute it to customers, and sell it.

Advantage of popcorn packaging machine:

In addition to its low-maintenance design, the popcorn packing machine can be easily maintained. In addition to being durable, it also has a high level of reliability and quality. Its features include an easy-to-use interface and a multilingual operator interface. As a result, it is ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses. This is the best way to keep your popcorn fresh and sanitary. It’s also a good way to promote sales.

Moreover, the process of popping and packaging popcorn can increase its shelf life. The packaged popcorn can be carried anywhere and consumed anytime. The versatility of a popcorn packing machine makes it the perfect choice for any type of food business.

Features for the popcorn packing machine:

1.The features of this machine are its stable performance, low failure rate, and flexibility to meet different requirements.
2.Its components are both domestic and international, and can withstand a high load in the workshop.
3.Besides, its easy-to-use functions allow the operator to adjust the speed, bag length, width, and filling range according to their needs.
4.These machines also offer optional parts. Not only do they produce tasty and healthy popcorn, but they also help boost a company’s popularity.


A popcorn packing machine is very useful for small-scale and medium-sized businesses. Its design is highly customizable, with various optional parts. It can be configured to meet the requirements of different companies. You can customize the machine according to your specifications and your business goals.

Regular maintenance of the popcorn packing machine will improve its efficiency and service life. You can do this by regularly checking its parts, and repairing any worn parts. It is also important to install the machine in a dry environment and keep it out of acidic environments. The right maintenance practices will extend the service life of the popcorn packing machine. It will help you make the most of your popcorn packaging machine. And most importantly, it will give you full flexibility.

There are several types of popcorn packing machines on the market. A machine with an automatic bag-filling system is the best option for small-scale businesses. The unit can be used to pack popcorn in different sizes and shapes.

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