salt powder pouch sachet packing machine

Salt powder pouch sachet packing machine

  • Material Type: powder
  • Packaging Material: film
  • Max Packing Range: 5 kg
  • Min Order: 1 set
  • FOB Price: 2500 USD-28900USD

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Salt, also known as table salt, is one of the most important substances for human survival and the most commonly used seasoning in cooking. Edible salt can be said to be inseparable from our lives. Today we are talking about the automated filling machine that is also closely related to edible salt powder packet.

Salt powder packing machine manufacturer

We have 20 years of experience in the field of salt packaging machine and are an excellent manufacturer and exporter in China. We have a number of invention patents. The product has passed the EU CE certification. Over the years, the company has continuously introduced technical talents and processing equipment, which greatly improved its product research and development capabilities. With high-quality products, reasonable prices, and excellent after-sales services, it has been well-received by users. According to the weight and budget of the salt, we can provide you with the most cost-effective salt pouch packaging machine.The machine not noly used in plastic bag but also pepper bag.

Packaging for salt powder:

1.3 side sealing pouch

2. Back sealing sachet

3. Stand up bags

4. Premade bags

Pouch Packing For Salt Powder

Technical Parameters

ModelDXD- 100HDXD- 500HDXD- 800H
SealingBack/3 sidesBack/3 sidesBack/3 sides
Packing speed(bags/ min)20-6020-6020-50
Bag size(mm)L50-170

W50- 120

L50- -200


L50- 200

W50- 280

Filling range(ml)10- 100100- 500100-800
Power(v/kw)220V/1 .8KW220V/1 .8KW220V/1 .8KW
Dimension (mm)790*600* 17801300*930*18501300*1080*2100

Feature of salt filling machine

1. The machine adopts full computer touch screen operation, man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation.

2. Filling measurement is equipped with servo drive motor, programmable automatic control, large torque, stable operation and accurate measurement.

3. The whole filling hopper can be adjusted up and down, and can be rotated by 180 degrees, making it easy to clean and unload.

4. As the packaging adopts intelligent photoelectric control device, the bag making pattern is complete.

5.304 stainless steel is used for the whole contact material parts and the casing, which meets the food and drug sanitation license standards.

6. This machine has back sealing, three-side sealing and four-side sealing packaging for customers to choose. The cutter can choose one of three methods: flat knife, sawtooth, and dot-dash line.

7. The design ensures that the machine is suitable for different industries. It is very convenient to adjust, operate and maintain when used. It can be used with various automatic measuring equipment at home and abroad.

8. Automatic edible salt production line equipment can be free from the restriction of packaging containers.

9. It is suitable for occasions where material varieties and packaging specifications often change.

10. The machine adopts electronic scales for weighing, which overcomes the shortcomings of measurement errors caused by changes in the specific gravity of materials.

What determines the price of salt powder sachet pouch packing machine?

The most important decision is based on customer needs.
1. Generally speaking, machines with high configuration materials have better performance and higher prices than machines with low configuration materials.
2. The speed of bag making per minute and the weight of the product will also affect the price of the machine
3. Different optional equipment, different price.
4. Quantity is also important, More quantity, lower price.

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