Toilet bar soap shrink wrap packaging wrapping machine for sale

Toilet bar soap packaging machine is one type of pillow type shrink wrap machine. mainly used for automatic packaging production of various soap, transparent soap, laundry soap, sulfur soap and other products. Do you know how to package bar soap?

soap bar pillow packaging machine

Horizontal Bar Soap Wrapping Machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Type:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

Check out the following video on how to use bar soap packaging meachine

How to shrink wrap soap with plastic wrap?

This is a high speed pillow type packing machine. Its operating principle is to send bar soap to the front of the bag-making machine through a conveyor, track the position of the soap through high-sensitivity photoelectric, rotate constant temperature hot air cuts, and seal and cut the front and back ends of the package.

Advantage of the soap wrapping machine

1. Easy to operate, only need a button to control the soap wrapping machine.
2. The precision of packaging is better, and the error is less than 1%.
3. The length of the packaging can be adjusted by itself, which is suitable for a wide range of soap bar packaging.
4. When a fault occurs, it can be checked through the touch screen.
5. Adopting foreign advanced blades, widely used in PP film, POF film, PE film, etc., without sticking to the knife, and good molding.
6. It adopts the world’s open cabinet structure with strong controllability.

Configuration for bar soap wrapping machine for sale

Power2kw 220V10kw 380V16kw 380V
Packaging sizeW+H≤430mm;H≤110mmL500*W400*H200mmL1200*W450*H300mm
Sealing/Tunnel sizeL550*W450mmL1000*W450*H250mmL1500*W500*H300mm
Packaging Speed1-25ppm20-40ppm20-60ppm
Max current10A30A32A
Machine SizeL1830*W850*H1550mmL1300*W715*H1455mmL2000*W1100*H1250mm

Optional device:

1. Coding machine
2. Straight grain middle sealing wheel
3. Reticulated end sealing mold
4. Large touch screen

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