Bread improver|flour enhancer|dough softener powder packing machine

The powder packing machine is used for bread improve, flour enhancer, dough softener,conditioner and so on.It is one type of powder packing machine.Let me introduce the machine for sale.

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Design for the bag:

1.back seal bag

2.three side seal bag

3.premade bag

Features for Bread Improver Packing Machine

1.Adopt PLC control and touch screen man-machine interface control system to make it easy to operate.
2.With automatic detection function, when the bag is not opened or the bag is not complete, the heat seal will not be added, which reduces the production cost.
3.There is a safety device, when the working pressure is not normal, there will be an alarm.
4.Motor control is adopted, and the width of each group is operated through the control button, which makes the operation convenient and saves time.
5.The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel.

As the manufacturer of powder packaging machine, We provide:

1.Bread improver,flour enhancer,dough softener feeding and bag making service.
2.Sorting and packing service of imporver powder.
3.Enhancer’s pallet packing service, etc.

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