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Bread improver|flour enhancer|dough softener powder packing machine – Shuntian

Bread improver|flour enhancer|dough softener powder packing machine

The powder packing machine is used for bread improve, flour enhancer, dough softener,conditioner and so on.It is one type of powder packing machine.Let me introduce the machine for sale.

Check out this video on How To Use Powder Pouch Packing Machine

Design for the bag:

1.back seal bag

2.three side seal bag

3.premade bag

Features for Bread Improver Packing Machine

1.Adopt PLC control and touch screen man-machine interface control system to make it easy to operate.
2.With automatic detection function, when the bag is not opened or the bag is not complete, the heat seal will not be added, which reduces the production cost.
3.There is a safety device, when the working pressure is not normal, there will be an alarm.
4.Motor control is adopted, and the width of each group is operated through the control button, which makes the operation convenient and saves time.
5.The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel.

As the manufacturer of powder packaging machine, we provide:

1.Bread improver,flour enhancer,dough softener feeding and bag making service.
2.Sorting and packing service of imporver powder.
3.Enhancer’s pallet packing service, etc.

How to choose flour enhancer powder packing machine?

1.When choosing flour enhancer powder packing machine, the first thing to consider is the machine material, because flour enhancer is different from other products.
2.The second is the stability of the flour enhancer packing machine, because the stability of the equipment is the biggest savings. Stability is not judged by the appearance, test machine can be judged, to have professional mechanical knowledge or experience to judge it.
3.The last is the production efficiency of four enhancer packing. Because the reason why the machinery instead of manual, is to better meet the market demand force, to ensure that the product neat and uniform quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you design the softener packaging film for us?

Yes, we can.

We can design the corresponding template according to your requirements, you only need to place the film  on the machine according to the video.

Could the soften packing machine be used in other industries?

A soften packing machine is a useful piece of equipment for a number of applications. It can be used to fill small bags with flavorings or larger bags with sugar or starch.

Its constant bulk density allows it to meet the bagging requirements of big and small bag sizes alike. Other applications for a dough softener packing machine include the packaging of veterinary medicines, spices and food supplements. In addition, a flour packing machine can be easily operated thanks to a PLC controller.

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